Halloween is just around the corner! We continue our haunted housing coverage with a topic of critical importance to all real estate professionals: what are the best and worst cities for vampires to live in? To answer this important question, Lawn Love recently released a study of the 200 largest US cities and ranked them based on several key indicators.

The website searched for cities with many coffin suppliers, blood centers, and houses with basements on the market. Other factors welcoming vampire Lawn Love has been looking for are: several cloudy days, few churches, and no garlic festivals.

Naperville, Illinois took first place in the study. According to Lawn Love, the city has the perfect balance of cloud cover, available basements and an abundant blood supply. The worst city for vampires? Tempe, Arizona, which, like many other desert cities on the list, lacks ideal conditions for vampires, with lots of sunshine, few basements, and a lack of bloodstreams.

Another interesting finding from the survey is that most of the cities in the top 10 of the list are located in the Midwest, such as Omaha, Nebraska (No. 5), St. Paul, Minnesota (No. 7) and Columbus, Ohio (No. no. 8). This is largely due to a large number of blood pumps and cellars, and a low amount of annual sunshine and spice shops. These are the 10 best cities for vampires:

Source: Lawn Love

And the 10 worst…

Source: Lawn Love

Below is an infographic compiled by Lawn Love that illustrates some of the key findings and interesting insights from their research.

Source: Lawn Love

While this study is satirical, Lawn Love highlights the fact that there is a national blood shortage in the US and suggests that readers donate blood if they are healthy enough to do so. To view the full study and for a complete overview of the company’s methodology, click here.