While there is no shortage of activities in New York City, you may be looking for something new to escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. With a myriad of neighboring places to explore, there’s no shortage of fun adventures to help you escape for a day. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best day trips to take from New York City. From exploring the monuments of the nation’s capitals to meandering through beautiful gardens, keep reading to find your next adventure.

1. Mohonk Reserve

Estimated Distance: 90 miles
Estimated travel time: 1.5 hours

Mohonk Preserve is a large private nature preserve located about 90 miles north of New York City. The reserve seeks to protect the Shawangunk mountain region and offers a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, climbing, horseback riding, and bird watching. The main visitor center and public grounds are free to the public. However, to access the country, you must purchase a membership or pay a per diem fee. Some popular hiking trails include the Spring Farm Trailhead, West Traff Trailhead, and Coxing Trailhead. It only takes about an hour and a half to get to Mohonk Preserve, making this a short day trip from New York City.

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Estimated Distance: 130 miles
Estimated travel time: 2.5 hours

Known as “America’s Playground” due to the city’s reputation as a place where people commit acts of rebellion, Atlantic City, New Jersey offers many activities that are sure to thrill. Some of these include riding roller coasters at Steel Pier Amusement Park, walking along the boardwalk, checking out the many shops, or Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – a unique museum full of unusual artifacts. It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to get to Atlantic City, NJ, and it’s about 130 miles from New York City. The best time to visit Atlantic City is during the summer months when the weather is low in the 80s.

3. Washington, DC

The Washington Monument

Estimated Distance: 230 miles
Estimated travel time: 4 hours

Located approximately 230 miles southwest of New York City, Washington, DC is best known as the country’s capital with a rich history. There are many things to do in Washington, DC, such as visiting memorials such as the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial, visiting the White House where the President lives, or visiting the Smithsonian Museum, one of the world’s largest museums. This is a longer day trip from New York, so plan around 4 hours by car or 3 hours by train. When in Washington DC, you can get around using the robust subway system, the second busiest subway system in the US, second only to New York.

4. The Poconos

autumn leaves

Estimated Distance: 14 miles
Estimated travel time: 2.5 hours

About 2 hours 30 minutes and 14 miles west of New York City, the Poconos are a mountainous region of Pennsylvania that provides access to a myriad of outdoor activities. Many people head to The Poconos to enjoy the view of the beautiful fall foliage. However, there are many other activities to do, such as playing in the adventure park, taking a train ride or ziplining. While this is a popular day trip from New York, this is also a great weekend adventure as there are many vacation resorts, cottages, condos and hotels for families to rent to explore the area.

5. Bear Mountain State Park

Autumn colored trees and a bridge

Estimated Distance: 50 miles
Estimated travel time: 1.5 hours

Located on the banks of the Hudson River, Bear Mountain State Park is a New York City park that offers outdoor activities such as picnicking, fishing, biking, sledding, boating, cross-country skiing, and swimming. It’s about 1 hour 30 minutes and 50 miles north of NYC, making it a short day trip from the city. Some of the fun activities to do in Bear Mountain State Park include the Trailside Museum and Zoo, paddleboarding, and hiking the Bear Mountain Bridge.

6. Old Westbury Garden

pink flowers

Estimated Distance: 30 miles
Estimated travel time: 1.5 hours

If you’re looking for some fun and excitement, take a trip to Old Westbury Garden. Located about 1 hour 30 minutes east of New York City, Old Westbury Garden is best known as the former estate of John S. Phipps and his wife Margarita Grace Phipps – an American lawyer and businessman. The estate was converted into a museum in 1959 and is considered a US National Register of Historic Places. During this day trip you can do all kinds of things, such as strolling through the garden, strolling around the estate and visiting the museum. They also offer tours during the spring, summer, and fall months.

7. Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown

A river

Estimated Distance: 30 miles
Estimated travel time: 1 hour

Do you want to terrify yourself? Located approximately 1 hour and 30 miles north of New York City Sleepy Hollow, New York and Tarrytown, New York, two villages known for their haunting and haunting atmosphere and for being the site of Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” If you go to Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, you can visit Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Kykuit Estate and Philipsburg Manor, among others. In October, there are many fall-themed events to attend, such as evening lantern rides and haunted haystack rides.

8. Philadelphia, PA

The skyline of Philadelphia

Estimated Distance: 95 miles
Estimated travel time: two o’clock

Located nearly 2 hours from New York City, the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is best known as the City of Brotherly Love and the birthplace of the United States. There are many ways to get to Philadelphia from New York, but the easiest way is by train from Penn Station, which takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. When in Philadelphia, make sure to check out the Liberty Bell, visit Independence Hall, or eat a Philly cheesesteak at Pat’s King of Steaks or Geno’s Steaks.

9. Princeton University

Princeton University

Estimated Distance: 50 miles
Estimated travel time: 1.5 hours

Princeton University, known as a world-renowned Ivy League research university, is located about 50 miles southwest of New York City in Princeton, New Jersey. The campus is full of beautiful statues, sculptures, gardens and architecture. In college, there are many things to keep you entertained, including the Princeton Art Museum, Carnegie Lake, and Princeton Battlefield State Park.

10. Coney Island, NY

Coney Island Amusement Park

Estimated Distance: 15 miles
Estimated travel time: 30 minutes

If the idea of ​​a visit to the Coney Island Museum, a walk along the Riegelmann Boardwalk and a visit to Feltman’s of Coney Island (a gourmet hot dog stand) sounds like fun, consider taking a day trip to Coney Island, NY. Located about 15 miles south of New York City, Coney Island is a short day trip from the city with a ton of beach entertainment so you’ll never get bored exploring. There are many weekly events that take place in the summer, but on weekends it can get very crowded, so plan to go early.