If you are a real estate agent, there are many reasons to have your own real estate website throughout your career. Regardless of which brokerage you work with at any given time, you need your own persistent online “display window” to represent your personal brand and attract and nurture new leads.

Do you also need a real estate CRM to be successful? According to experienced real estate coaches, the resounding answer is YES – there’s no doubt that a properly used CRM is a critical tool for managing and growing your business.

Despite all the benefits CRMs can provide, some agents have not considered trying one because of some common perceptions about CRMs:

  • They cost too much
  • They are hard to learn
  • They create unnecessary work and slow you down
  • They are only useful for agents with many customers
  • They only come with a website service that the agent does not need

If these have been your concerns about CRMs, you’ll be pleased to hear that none of them apply to our Agent CRM. If you’re not happy with your current CRM or if you’ve decided not to try a CRM in the past, now is the time to get one step ahead of your old, outdated way of working.

We recently shared a list of 10 reasons to love our new version 10 IDX features. Since that list was so popular, we’re sharing a list of 10 reasons why you’ll love our Agent CRM. If you already have one of our Agent IDX account plans, this list shows you the additional benefits you can expect when you upgrade to a Premium + CRM or Prime + CRM subscription.

1) Built-in IDX integration

When you use separate IDX and CRM services that work independently, they can’t share information, and that limits the capabilities of the CRM and how much it will help you. Our IDX and CRM work together as one integrated service to provide a truly special solution that helps you optimize your opportunities and be more productive. You will enjoy the benefits this brings to our CRM right now, and we have many exciting plans for the future. Here’s a sampling of what’s already possible:

Smarter Drip Email Campaigns

Our automated email campaigns always bring your leads closer to closing with relevant listing recommendations, based on your leads’ search and viewing behavior in IDX properties.

Lead Scoring and Ranking

Behavioral data from your leads’ IDX search activity feeds algorithms that rate and score your leads, showing you the probability of each lead on a scale. This intelligence provides another tool to help you prioritize your time and be more productive.

2) IDX website or plugin – your choice

Our CRM with IDX can be added to your own website, or you can get a ready-made website with everything you need. We personalize and publish your new real estate website in just a few weeks!

3) Marketing Automation

Most agents and brokers have a lead follow-up problem. Studies show that countless opportunities are lost due to poor lead follow-up. Marketing automation solves this problem and can be used for other engagement campaigns such as open house follow-ups, referrals, and more.

You’ll sleep better with the assurance that every new lead is immediately engaged with email content that has a personal touch and helps them in their real estate search. And you don’t have to lift a finger! Just turn on the out-of-the-box follow-up campaigns we offer for buyers and sellers.

Smart content

Unlike generic drip email campaigns that most agents use, you stand out from the crowd because your follow-up campaigns deliver relevant offer recommendations and market stats based on your lead’s search and viewing behavior on IDX properties. While your leads may think you’re staying up all night creating personalized emails with all this great custom content, you’re actually doing what you do best: closing customers.

Your leads remain yours

Your campaigns send attractive and engaging emails with big photos that link to market stats and listings on your site, keeping your leads on your site and away from the big search sites and your competitors.

Here are some examples of marketing automation in action:

  • After our IDX real estate search and lead capture feature converts your site visitors into registered leads, they receive personalized follow-up emails and implement an appropriate email campaign based on their search interests or source
  • Personalized recommended listings are delivered in drip email campaigns, based on your leads’ search and viewing activity on your website
  • Market metrics for your leads’ search criteria are delivered in drip email campaigns

Assignment Rules

Create rules that assign leads to appropriate follow-up campaigns based on their source, such as online advertising campaigns and third-party lead generation messaging or services.

Lead Aggregation

Many agents use various online services for lead generation. We’ve covered those too. New leads received from more than 30 third-party services can automatically enter your account and your automated follow-up campaigns.

Learn more

Check out these articles for more reasons why these tools are so important to growing your business.

Introduction to iHomefinder Marketing Automation
Our recorded webinar provides an overview of how Marketing Automation is helping your business.

Real estate and business growth monitoring
Find out why immediate follow-up is so important and why Marketing Automation with Smart Content is the best drip email solution to get more business.

Growing Your Real Estate Email Marketing
Learn how to use Marketing Automation for all your email campaign follow-up needs. Create open house follow-up campaigns that convert leads into customers, warm up new referrals, and more.

4) Custom Emails

It’s easy to create and send emails for newsletters, announcements and other purposes using our drag and drop email builder. You can add videos and a huge library of free images is included. When you are ready to send, you can manually choose individual contacts or select a group of contacts using filters. More information >

Email Features Guide

For an overview of all the different types of emails your account can send, see our Email Features Guide to understand how they all work together to deliver the right content to your leads at the right time.

5) Mobile convenience

Optima Leads, our mobile agent app, is your mobile assistant always ready to help you edit your leads wherever you are by providing crucial information and insights to help you manage your leads and update your business to hold.

  • Prioritize your time using insights from your leads’ activity
  • Plan your next steps for each lead
  • Update your leads’ pipeline status, add tags for the organization, and add timestamped notes
  • Add/remove leads from email campaign subscriptions

6) Pipeline Status

Lead Stages inform your Pipeline status to provide an overall gauge of your business performance and show exactly how you are performing against your goals. You keep track of how many leads are in each stage, how close they are to closing, and where to prioritize your efforts.

7) Tasks and Calendar Sync

Tasks bring order to what usually feels like chaos if you don’t use CRM. Keeping track of appointments, callbacks, emails and other daily tasks can be a real problem without the right tools. Top producing agents are successful because they are organized, waste less time, and take every opportunity through preparation and follow-up. If you’re not tracking your next action for every person in your contact list, you’re not working hard enough on your leads.

Working in tandem with your to-do list, Tasks helps you keep track of everything that needs to be done to close customers and grow your business. They are so important that we offer an option to sync them with your Google, Outlook or Yahoo calendar. With calendar sync, tasks and your to-do list, you can quickly become a master of time management.

Discover how easy it is to put the CRM tasks and to-do list to work for your business.

8) Blog articles

You need to publish blog articles regularly to help your SEO, attract new prospects and increase your sphere of influence, but most agents don’t have the time to write articles. We understand that challenge, so we publish monthly articles on your blog for you when you use our Prime + CRM account plan (our Agent CRM plan with a hosted website). Find out what content marketing is and why it’s so important.

Social Media Content

Our delivered blog content is also perfect for sharing regularly on your social media channels. By posting links to your blog articles, you build an audience that will browse your site, boost your SEO and drive more traffic to your site over time.

9) Website Traffic

To grow your business, you need a steady stream of buyers visiting your site. With our Prime + CRM account plan (which includes a hosted website), you will get 30 new qualified buyers visiting your website each month, who can be registered leads through the lead capture options that our IDX adds to your site.

Traffic boost

If you use our Premium + CRM account plan to add our service to your own website, you can choose to receive 60-70 visitors* per month. More information >

*Estimated numbers vary based on monthly availability in your market

10) Efficiency, Productivity and Business Growth

Your time is too valuable to juggle multiple systems that don’t work together, leaving you with frustrating shortcomings. With all the benefits of our integrated solution, you are fully equipped for success with a single service. As a 24/7, 24 hour assistant, he is always there to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity, saving you time and helping you sleep at night, knowing exactly where your business stands and what your next steps are to achieve your goals.


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