16 things to do before selling your home

As you get ready to put your home on the market, it’s time to consider making some changes. There are a few things you should do before listing a home that will increase a home’s resale value and also make it more attractive to potential buyers.

While you may not need to do all of these things, this article provides a comprehensive list of things you should do. Completing these things before putting your home on the market will not only help you make more money, but it will also speed up the time it takes to sell your home!

1. Make repairs

This is the best place to start. You probably have dozens of little things around your house that you’ve wanted to fix, but never did. Stained ceilings, missing tiles, broken windows and more could all be on this list.

Go through the house room by room, evaluating each home for repair needs. Some of these you may be able to fix yourself, but it’s never a bad idea to hire a contractor if you’re short on time.

Many of these deferred maintenance items can be a huge red flag for home buyers. In addition to these items, many buyers will wonder what else you failed to fix.

2. Complete Projects

As a homeowner, you probably have a few home improvement projects in the works. Now is the time to get them done.

Finish painting the guest bedroom, install the ceiling fan you bought a few months ago, and stain the board in the pantry. Once you’re done with these projects or whatever you have going on, it’s probably a good idea not to start additional projects unless your real estate agent has suggestions.

3. Create a notice of objection

When potential buyers drive to your home, you want them to fall in love within the first few minutes. A good first impression is invaluable, so the outdoor space of the house is also important.

Make sure you have a well-maintained lawn and consider working on your yard, shrubs, and other areas that can be seen from the street. Once your lawn looks tidy, keep it that way until the house is sold.

Improving a home’s appeal is a great way to make a great first impression on potential home buyers, so be sure to complete this step before listing your home.

4. Tidying up and depersonalizing the house

While you may like all the items you have, buyers don’t want to see all of your stuff. Here you may want to organize the area and prepare for your move.

If you have items you don’t want to donate or throw away, it might be worth renting a storage unit. Leaving the house with minimal touches gives the house a fresh open appeal that buyers love.

It is also good for you to get rid of unwanted items. If you are selling your home, donating is always a good option. There are many furniture and clothing donation collection service and drop-off locations across the country.

Your home will most likely have plenty of personal touches as well. This may appeal to you, but it makes it harder for buyers to see themselves in your home.

Family photos or children’s artwork are probably dear to you, but can distract you. Take these items down and store them out of sight.

It may make you sad to move the items, but they are packed and ready for your new home where you can proudly display them.

5. Touch up the paint

While you may love your paint, freshening up the space is probably a good idea and a fresh coat of paint is just an easy way to get there. Neutral colors work best. They do not distract and also allow buyers to empathize with the space.

Choose warm neutrals that will brighten up even dark rooms. You can paint yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. Whether you decide to hire a trade or DIY, it’s important you know how to select the right paint type? so the finished project looks fantastic.

6. Do a deep clean

Give your home a deep clean - 16 pre-listed tasks before you sell your home
Give your home a deep clean – 16 pre-listed tasks before you sell your home

Cleaning is an ongoing process that you want to do when someone is looking at the house. However, it is a good idea to do a thorough cleaning before listing the property.

It not only gives your house a fresh look, it is also good to have a thorough cleaning every now and then. You can do this yourself or hire a cleaning service. You pay a small amount for your home to become a lot more attractive to buyers.

7. Stage the furniture

While you may like the layout of your home, it may not appeal to buyers. When you’re getting ready to sell, it’s a great time to move your furniture and make the room look bigger.

Avoid furniture against the walls. You may even want to remove some furniture if the room looks crowded or crowded.

Think about the arrangements you’ve seen in model homes and use this as your guide. You don’t have to spend a fortune as there are ways to furnish a home on a budget!

8. Buy fresh flowers and plants

Greenery around the house is a great way to give your home a fresh look. Plant flowers in window boxes or buy potted plants for your home.

They add color and life to the space without making any other changes. Make sure to keep them watered and trimmed for best results. This is a sign that the house is being taken care of, so it’s a simple yet effective step.

9. Use low-maintenance materials

If you’re doing upgrades to your home, such as replacing the floor or counters, look for materials that are low-maintenance. Buyers don’t want to spend hours a day cleaning their floors, so no hassle is the way to go.

A real estate agent can give you an idea of ​​what trends home buyers are looking for, so that you can make a good decision. Materials that don’t require a lot of maintenance are best, so keep this in mind when making these upgrades.

10. Upgrade the lighting

If your fixtures and lamps are outdated, it’s an easy and inexpensive upgrade to add value to a home that’s well worth the cost. Buyers don’t want to feel like they’re stepping back with outdated fixtures.

Replacing lighting is a fairly inexpensive change to make and you may want to consider installing additional lighting for small and dark rooms. This makes them seem more open and accessible without any other upgrades.

11. Solving Pet Problems

Fix pet
Solve Pet Problems Around the House – 16 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home for Sale!

Are you selling a house with pets? Pets are great companions, but they also leave marks on our homes. If there are areas they have affected, consider repairing or replacing those items.

For example, the chewed carpet should be removed completely. Buyers may love pets, but they don’t want to see how yours has affected the home.

Pet odors are also a turn off, so make sure you can’t smell your pets anywhere in the house.

12. Wash the outside

Every home probably needs a little TLC, both on the outside and inside. If your house has siding, use a pressure washer to clean the siding.

Also make sure the windows are clean and the gutters are clean before attempting to sell the house. If you don’t feel comfortable with these spaces, a professional can perform these tasks in just a few hours and your home will look fresh and new from the outside.

13. Get a Home Inspection

Buyers will most likely undergo a home inspection when they purchase the home. A buyer may recommend that you fix some items when they do an inspection, so one of the main benefits of a pre-listing home inspection is that you can make repairs before a buyer completes their inspection.

A home inspector will look at your property and list any items that may be damaged or defective. This is a great way to identify your problem areas and you don’t have to fix everything.

Look at the repairs that are worth making or that the home inspector recommends to fix.

14. Add Smart Home Technology

While this may depend on your area, many younger buyers want homes that are smarter. Adding a smart thermostat or fixtures that can be controlled by a smartphone are attractive upgrades.

Depending on who primarily buys in your area, these simple upgrades can make your home more attractive. Do some research to determine if this is a smart choice for you to make.

15. Repair or install fencing

This may not be necessary for your property, but a fence will add value to the property. If you already have a fence, check it out and make any necessary repairs.

A broken or damaged fence will be a turn-off for buyers, but repairs are usually quite simple. If you have a wooden fence, it may also need some work to look fresh and new.

16. Address roof repairs

You will probably have an idea about the condition of your roof when you have a home inspection. However, a damaged roof can be a huge deterrent to sellers, so you don’t want to leave it until the last minute.

If your roof is leaking, missing shingles, or has similar problems, get it fixed early.

If the roof needs to be completely replaced, you may also want to do this before you put the house on the market. If you need to replace a roof before putting your home up for sale, make sure you have all your roof choices for your home.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do Before Listing Your Home

Now that you know what to do, you’ll be in much better shape to get your home ready for sale. Completing these things will make your home more attractive to buyers and ultimately lead to more cash in your pocket!

If you’re short on time, prioritize the big items, then talk to an agent about what other upgrades or changes you need to make. Most of these items are simple and fairly inexpensive, but they can make a huge difference to the sale of your home.

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