This week, readers visited Brick Underground to learn how a former New Yorker lived with his family in a garden-floor apartment in Brooklyn Heights for nearly 20 years — and what it’s like to live in a basement. He shares the many benefits of these homes for young families, such as their own outdoor space.

Also interesting: A new buyer upgrades a rental home in Long Island City to a new apartment in Brooklyn Heights.

Here are this week’s top five posts:

1) I’ve lived in a garden floor apartment in Brooklyn Heights for almost 20 years – it’s not like living in a basement

2) A year later, tenants are ‘frantic’ to return to NYC. Their old apartments are already too expensive

3) From Long Island City to Brooklyn Heights: A Tenant Upgrades to a New Condominium

4) Brooklyn and Queens shopping spree continues to break records

5) The Incredible Shrinking NYC Apartment Deal: Why Your New Lease Feels More Expensive Now