Another year is coming to an end and with the holidays behind us, we now have the new year to look forward to. Many people make New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s going to the gym more or quitting smoking, but you should also consider making a professional resolution in 2022.

From getting more organized to becoming more focused on being proactive, there are endless resolutions to consider. Here are three important ones for real estate professionals:

Be more productive in 2022. Perhaps easier said than done, but being proactive in the new year should be at the top of every broker’s New Year’s resolution list. Write down what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months and then create a game plan to make that happen. Focus on bigger goals, of course, but also write down other, more manageable goals that you can start implementing right away.

Don’t be afraid of technology. There are many technical real estate products on the market. From AI to automation, the field can be quite intimidating with so many options to choose from. It’s important to adopt some of these solutions, though, because technology isn’t there to replace real estate professionals, but those who don’t adapt can be replaced by agents that do.

Get more organized. If you’re confident you can execute on your 2022 game plan and are happy with the range of tech products you currently use, it may be time to focus on being more organized in the new year. Empty your workspace, but also your workflow. Consider automating more rudimentary daily tasks and revisit the previous solution if you don’t currently have that capability.

The past 22 months have been tough for everyone, so it’s more important than ever to start the new year (and the new normal) with a clear head and clear goals. Consider making any or all of the above resolutions in 2022 and start the year off right!