By Jordan Grice

Being authentic on social media can seem like a marketing buzzword, but it should be essential to any agent’s online presence.

Showing people that you are a recognizable and genuine professional can go a long way in making yourself an agent worth hiring. From building relationships with buyers and enabling people to really connect with your brand, a brand that leans on its uniqueness and human side can turn potential onlookers into loyal customers in no time.

While you’ve probably heard people say you need to “be authentic,” here are a few ways to help you achieve that on your social media channels.

act human
While social media inherently means using technology to connect with your consumers, you need to make sure you’re using the human side in your marketing efforts. Connect with people interacting with your pages by mixing live and pre-recorded video content so people can see your face and personality. Engage the people in your comments and inboxes and set times to answer questions and contact people personally.

Show people a little bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff you do as an agent for your clients. Incorporating these personal branding options into your company’s marketing will help you bond with people and potentially turn them into customers.

Make use of imperfections
Too often people think they have to portray the perfect brand on social media: perfect images, videos and personas. As agents, you know that the trade is more than just victories. Buying and selling real estate is an emotional rollercoaster that your clients have to navigate. Mix things up by sharing that – within reasonable limits. For every close you share on your social media accounts, you are posting or providing context about a challenge or obstacle you have faced with your customers. Use these posts to show a different side of your brand and affirm what your brand can and will do for consumers during its highs and lows.

Tell a story
Telling a good story should be part of every agent’s marketing strategies if only because it’s a great way to draw people to you and help them relate to you. Storytelling is a big part of the job, from helping families envision what their life might be like in a new home to describing a home or neighborhood. Use your posts to share different experiences you must have at work. Talk about why you got into the business and why you love being a real estate agent. Instead of saying, “I sold a house,” tell a relatable story about the sale or what makes it meaningful for you and the customers.

Jordan Grice is RISMedia’s associate content editor. Email him your real estate news ideas at