You know the community you serve like the back of your hand. You know the best schools, restaurants, community programs and more. But does your community know you as the go-to broker? With the level of knowledge you have, they certainly should. Fortunately, we’ve listed 5 easy ways for you to get that done.

1. Share news and information

One of the easiest ways to become the real estate agent in your community is to become a valuable resource. Sharing exciting news or valuable tips and advice not only showcases your expertise, but keeps people coming back to you. A great way to start is with a monthly e-Newsletter sent to all your contacts. When you use IXACT Contact, you get this done for you! We offer three new articles every month and the e-newsletter turns off automatically at your chosen date and time. Of course, you can always customize your e-Newsletter to include a relevant article on local trends or important community news!

2. Give back

Your community provides you with your livelihood, so it’s important to give something back from time to time. This could mean volunteering at a local charity or hosting a customer appreciation event. However you want to give back, invite your community to join you. You can easily get a mass email to your database when using IXACT Contact. Not only will this show how invested you are in your community, but it will also give you the opportunity to get to know your contacts better by interacting with them outside of the home buying or selling process.

3. Learn Their Goals

Understanding your contacts’ goals is critical to becoming their go-to agent. When you have a conversation with them, take detailed notes about the things they mention. IXACT Contact makes this incredibly easy by allowing you to view your notes directly in a Contact profile. The next time you speak to that contact, you can easily get all the relevant information and ask specific questions. You build a stronger relationship and have a much better idea of ​​what each contact is looking for – today or later.

In addition, most homeowners have goals for their home. By paying close attention and contacting them regularly, you will learn what these are. You can then use your connections within your community to help them find the right painter, landscaper, carpenter, etc. to help them achieve their goals. Your client will appreciate it if you help them find someone trustworthy, and the local businesses you recommend will appreciate your referrals. In turn, those local companies are more likely to refer you to anyone they know who is looking for a broker. This will help establish you firmly as the go-to agent for your community.

4. Recognize special days

One of the absolute easiest ways to become the best broker for all your contacts is to recognize their special days. It’s a small touch that goes so far in building your relationships and establishing you as someone who cares about you and who can be trusted. IXACT Contact makes this even easier with automatic birthday and moving reminders for all your contacts. You can even have e-cards automatically turn off on these days! And you don’t have to stop at birthdays and anniversaries. IXACT Contact has a huge library of e-Cards for every occasion or holiday.

5. Be reliable

Being reliable may seem like common sense, but it really is the hub of becoming the go-to agent for your community. Your contacts should know that they can always count on you when they not only come back, but also refer others to you. You must respond in a timely manner, maintain regular contact and never let a detail slip through your mind. The easiest way to do all that? Use a great real estate CRM such as: IXACT contact person. Using automatic lead registration and notifications, automated Keep in Touch Call reminders and Listing and Closing Activity Plans, IXACT Contact ensures that you remain known for being trustworthy, no matter how busy your schedule is. And when you become the go-to agent for your community, your schedule will get very busy!

Becoming the go-to agent for your community is a wonderful goal to aspire to — and with these 5 simple tips, it’s one you can easily achieve. Add to that the help of a great real estate CRM like IXACT Contact and you’ll see it go faster than you ever imagined. start you FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.