The history of home design is full of trends that have come and gone. A style can suddenly become hugely popular and capture the hearts of homeowners and designers everywhere, only to fade again just as quickly. Keeping this in mind, homeowners will often look to the mainstays of home design that have stood the test of time preparing to remodel or upgrade their home. It is these elements of timeless home design that keep the spaces in your home from going out of style, and when it comes time to sell, don’t hurt resale value.

White subway tile

Subway tiles are ubiquitous — and for good reason. Clean, simple and elegant, these tiles make it the best backsplash choice for many kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations. The white surface brightens up the space, making it feel clean and organized. Resilient and easy to clean, subway tile may be just what the designer ordered for your next home project.

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Penny Tegel

Penny Tile has remained relevant over the years, and not just for aesthetic reasons. While penny tile is visually appealing, its many grout joints make it an ideal material for smooth and slippery surfaces such as the shower, tub or bathroom floor. This practicality has kept penny tile at the forefront of homeowners and professional renovators alike for decades. With many color combinations from black and white for a retro look to colorful mosaics for the more eclectic homeowners, there is an option for everyone with penny tile. While commonly used in bathrooms, penny tile is also great near fireplaces and kitchen splashbacks.

A shower floor of neutral colored penny tile.

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herringbone tile

Known for its distinctive angular arrangement, herringbone a fixed value in interior design for decades. Herringbone tiles bring flair and texture to a room, and the repetitive pattern will help brighten up any room without running away from other points of interest. It is a popular choice as a backsplash on bathroom walls, behind sinks or in shower cubicles. For those seeking the tidiness of subway tile but prefer more dramatic lines, herringbone may be the perfect choice for you.

A bathroom wall decorated with herringbone tiles behind the sink and mirror.

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checkerboard tile

Checkerboard is one of those rare designs that can constantly reinvent itself. It has a vintage charm, but is also often found in aspects of modern design. It’s formal and fun at the same time. Of all the timeless tile designs, checkerboard is perhaps the most flexible. The design can have a big impact on the floors in a space as small as a bathroom yet bold enough to make a statement in a larger area like a foyer.

A hallway in a house with a checkerboard floor and a desk under the stairs.

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Hexagonal tile

While all of the aforementioned designs have a certain geometry, the unique shape of hexagonal (or honeycomb) tiles gives it its signature pattern. There are several variations of hexagonal tiles, including stretched hexagonal tiles and wooden tiles, which can provide that timeless feel you are looking for while breaking the monotony of rectangular lines in your home. Hexagonal patterns are bold and eye-catching, but their patterns can convey a sense of calm and orderliness. Whether you decide to use it as a backsplash, shower tile or floor tile, hexagonal tiles will intrigue the space.

A bathroom with hexagonal tiles as a back wall and shower floor.

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The right tile may be just the ingredient you need to tie your home together. It can make a surprising difference on your next remodel, so it’s worth exploring the many different options available before making a decision. For more information on timeless home design, find out which 7 vintage design elements are still popular today.