As social media continues to evolve and grow in popularity, Instagram is the platform on steroids as it dominates the social media game, making it the fastest growing social media platform all over the planet. Just think, in less than six years we’ve shared more than four times more photos than there are people on Earth! It’s mind-boggling how much our society loves to consume compelling media — and businesses have long understood the power of this visual storyteller for brand building, user engagement, and what it could mean for their bottom line.

Instagram by the numbers:

  • Instagram has over 700 million active monthly users.
  • Users share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.
  • More than 250 million users use the stories feature daily.

Now that we understand the ubiquitous power of Instagram, let’s take a closer look at how you can boost your Instagram account as a real estate agent.

Create eye-catching visuals

This is rule number one in the social media game – your content should be exciting! Don’t fall into the trap of posting something to do it. The fact is, the real estate world isn’t a boring place – it’s quite the opposite. So use that to your advantage. in man suggests emphasizing the “behind the scenes” look and removing the curtain on users.

  • Share your experiences preparing one of your listings before it goes live.
  • Capture the lifestyle of a local community you are in.
  • Show happy customers.
  • What does a day in the life look like for you?

Use a strategic biolink

Instagram allows you to have a URL in your bio section of your profile, but not in individual posts. That’s why you’ll see [link in bio] at the end of a post, redirecting users back to their main profile with a clickable URL.

Use this to your advantage and change the link to go to your website, to promote a recent blog you wrote, a 3rd party item written about you or to connect to a landing page. Your bio link is a great marketing tool – so make sure you use it strategically to bring them to your funnel.

Don’t be lazy with the description

75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website or landing page, after viewing an Instagram post or an ad. Instead of taking the easy route and leaving an uninspired “Happy Friday” caption, take this time to tell a story or teach your visitor to add to what the image is saying.

For example, if you’ve posted content about a recent home that you staged, you can continue the post on staging tips and tricks, the psychology behind it, and how to make a home look immaculate. Once you’ve earned their attention, send them to your link in the bio, which will take you to a contact form, eBook landing page, or to promote a recent blog post. Either way – it’s like a fuel injector to propel them down your funnel.

Mix the content

A healthy and diverse Instagram content strategy must use a combination of videos, layout photos, and boomerang style photos. You can take advantage of the various filters on the application, demonstrate short video tours of properties, and even go live on Instagram!

Going live on Instagram is perfect for the real estate sector. When you walk through a new listing, go live and talk about each room. What you like, great features and things that make the offer unique.

This feature also helps you connect with your audience on an intimate level and build an authentic bond with them. It’s like having your own broadcast studio in the palm of your hand!

Join in the comments section

Don’t worry – this isn’t a YouTube comment section where trolls come out of the woodwork and argue with each other – although you may see some opponents. Which is good! It is important to be active by regularly responding to those who engage with your content and build a rapport with them. There’s nothing worse than a company that doesn’t personalize their content by ignoring those who interact with them organically.

Be socially intelligent

As with other social media channels, Instagram isn’t all about you. Having a social intelligence feature that allows brokers one-click access to all of their contacts’ social media platforms is perfect before jumping into a keep-in-touch conversation to investigate their social media activities.

Even better, IXACT Contacts social intelligence feature makes this process a breeze with one-click access to all of your contacts’ social media channels – including Instagram.

Quick pick-up tips

  • Cross-promote with others – share the love and tag those you work with.
  • Create a company page (here’s how)
  • Use trending hashtags – see what’s hot in the ‘Explore’ tab.
  • Geotagging your location can help you get more exposure.

Success on social media also means being really social! Instagram is an important lead generator, and when properly deployed, it can send leads to your CRM where they can be nurtured and ultimately converted.

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