Good luck and happiness are two things that everyone wishes their home to be stocked. To achieve this, many people follow different concepts, arrangements and other details that are considered in the design process. Among them, Vastu and Feng Shui for a house are the most popular concepts.

Vastu is one such concept that applies to a house when it is built from scratch. The Vastu Shastra is originally from India and literally means living science. Some would even recognize Vastu Shastra as the Indian version of Feng Shui, with origins dating back over 1,500 years. It is an ancient Indian architecture science that also has a relationship with astrology and the belief in right directions.

Here’s how to channel this positive energy into your home.

  • The direction of the entrance

According to Vastu’s concept for a house, the entrance to the building is the most important part of the whole construction. When the entrance is placed on the right, it would bring immense happiness and prosperity to the lives of the members in it. Based on this belief, the ideal direction for the entrance is to the north or east, with the door inwards.

  • Spreading positivity through colors

The colors used to paint a house also affect the overall mood and environment in your home. In fact, colors like white, green, and sky blue are believed to spread positivity and improve family health and well-being. Yellow and orange are great colors to incorporate into your home’s interior and create an optimistic atmosphere.

Planting a citrus plant near the main entrance would bring a sense of calm and peace to the home, according to Vastu Shastra. When planted on either side of the main entrance, it will rejuvenate the home and make your life easier.

To let the morning sun refresh your soul and spread positivity, Vastu shastra’s concept recommends designing at least one balcony in your east-facing home. The east is also considered a suitable direction to align the kitchen, while the northwest direction is ideal for the master bedroom.

For water tanks, the correct placement based on Vastu is to place them on the north side. Correct placement will affect the positivity of your home and it is important to have them cleaned regularly.

Water fountains should not be kept in the bedroom as they will negatively affect your relationship. The concept also explains that even an image of water fountains should not be displayed.

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Bad Vastu/ Mistakes to Avoid for Homes

  • Painting the house in dark colors

When painting houses, use brighter colors. Shades such as blue, yellow, white and dark green are some ideal colors to use, according to Vastu. Colors such as red, black and dark gray should be avoided, especially at the entrance to the house. However, if you want a bold hue, you can choose to paint just one wall in that color and use bright colors on the other walls.

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  • Arranging plants with thorns in the house

Avoid plants with thorns such as cacti and place Bonsai and red flowering plants outside the house. Consider growing a basil or money plant instead to bring prosperity and wealth. But when placing the plants, avoid placing them in the northeast direction or north and east walls.

  • Sitting under exposed beams

When beams are exposed, they create a depressing effect on the members of the house, which will eventually lead to disagreements and arguments. But if the house you’ve already built or bought has these, you can avoid the negativity by not sitting directly under it. You may also want to consider installing false ceilings to mask the joists.

  • Placing mirrors in front of the bed

When placing a mirror in the bedroom, keep it out of sight and out of sight of your bed. Putting him out of bed will help you get a good night’s sleep and ward off all the negative energy in the room.

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feng shui for property

Feng Shui is a concept that originated in China. Like Vastu, it is about spreading positivity, bringing good luck and happiness, and follows a set of practices and principles that can be applied to your home at any time. However, unlike the Vastu shastra, it is based on the concept of using energy forces to harmonize an individual with his or her environment. The goal is to achieve harmony and balance.

Good Feng Shui for a home can be promoted in several ways. Some of them are as follows.

  • Bringing in green

Nature and greenery provide a sense of calm, which reduces anger and fear. It is also said to enhance feelings of positivity and happiness. To incorporate this into your home, open the windows and let the natural light flood in. Put up houseplants, decorate with bamboo, wood or cane, and use stones and rocks to add texture. You can also design the walls with paintings of green landscapes.

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  • Reflect positive energy with mirrors

Mirrors are amazing details that not only make a house look bigger than it actually is, but also reflect energy, following the rules of Feng Shui. It is a must-have home decor, but should be carefully placed in areas where you want to increase this energy. Make sure they also reflect something beautiful to enhance the effectiveness of this.

  • Balancing the Energy with Feng Shui in the Bedrooms

Place the bed away from the doorway. Make sure you don’t have too many electrical appliances around and think twice about placing a TV. The TV becomes the focal point of the room, taking away the soothing energy in the environment.

Choose soft-colored linens if the bed is made of a wooden or metal frame and fill the room with cozy materials to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Greens and blues are ideal colors to use in the bedroom and be sure to clear out the clutter under the bed to help the energy flow.

  • Spreading the energy flow in the living room

Start by designing the living room with the largest piece of furniture, usually the sofa. Like the bed, it should be placed far from the doorway, but should face the door or other opening based on Feng Shui principles. Keep a small opening for breathing space when placing against the wall. Avoid cramping the space with extra seats and spread them out so that the energy in the room flows smoothly.

Sheer curtains are great details to create an illuminated and ventilated space in the living room. But if you use completely uncovered windows, the Feng Shui rules recommend placing a plant nearby. Adding red details also gives the room more energy.

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What Are Some Causes Of Bad Feng Shui For A Home??

  • Placing the bed against the same wall as the door
  • Open toilet seat
  • Improper placement of mirrors in the foyer
  • Green in the bedroom
  • Mixed material floors
  • Accumulation