With the virus and the pandemic, many valuable lessons were learned. Of all the negatives during these horrific times, innovation in healthcare IT has proven to be a lifesaver for humanity. Aside from the massive contributions of frontline workers, healthcare information technology is the most valuable asset a country could have.

When it comes to the latest technology, healthcare is a late adopter. According to a Medical IT survey, a significant proportion of people between the ages of 30 and 45 don’t want to call a hospital or struggle through confusing online appointment scheduling for new or follow-up appointments with a doctor when given the choice. They prefer to choose a medium/platform that allows them to ask their question in their native language without having to queue.

This is where chatbots come in handy. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for automating some of the most common yet critical functions, such as FAQs, customer support, lead generation, and scheduling appointments, without the need for human intervention. In response to the need of many clinics and hospitals to have a system to manage patient appointments more efficiently. BotPenguin has developed an appointment booking chatbot that will help clinics and hospitals manage their daily work.

What is an Appointment booking chatbot?

Appointment booking chatbots help hospitals manage their appointments and improve their customer experience. BotPenguin has created essential chatbot solutions for booking appointments that can be used by various companies. However, to deal with the unique requirements and complexities of healthcare, we have created a chatbot appointment booking solution that will help hospitals, dentists, doctors, clinics and therapy centers.

A chatbot for arranging hospital appointments can be linked to various chat channels, including Facebook Messenger, website, Telegram, and Google Assistant. Chatbot’s Dialog Flow has its own powerful natural language processing (Read also: NLP vs NLU vs NLG: Differences and Applications) engine, which makes it smarter. It also allows easy connectivity to numerous chat channels, making life easier for developers and service providers alike.

Choosing the right appointment management system is critical. Whatever appointment scheduling software you use, it should be simple for both the client and your employee. We’ve linked this chatbot to Google Calendar, so every time a user schedules an appointment, it’s saved to Google Calendar.

Here are some of the key features and benefits that the BotPenguin appointment booking chatbot has to offer.

  • Google Calendar Integration

  • Multi-platform integration

  • Improve patient engagement

  • Reducing dependence on human resources

Features of Chatbots for appointment booking by BotPenguin

Chatbots are an example of a rapidly evolving technology. Chatbots are more widely recognized across all industries and we are seeing an increase in healthcare facilities using chatbots to better serve their patients. A chatbot is a software tool that simulates and processes human dialogue (written or spoken), allowing users to connect through various chat channels such as the website, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and others. These are the features of chatbots for booking appointments by BotPenguin.

Ideal employee

Managing appointments is the most important and tedious chore for anyone running a multi-specialty hospital or clinic. A 24 hour dedicated team hardly makes sense in an age where everyone is moving towards automation. There is a big difference when comparing the cost of the average wage of a person (who handles appointments 24/7) with an appointment booking chatbot. In fact, the difference is big enough that the chatbot itself can be nominated.

Because our environment influences us humans, performance can suffer in a bottleneck situation. Meanwhile, the chatbot has the power to perform SOPs in all cases. Physicians struggling to keep their business up and running on time will benefit from the Booking chatbot, which also helps patients schedule, reschedule and delete appointments.

Customer service

Customer service representatives have always been under pressure to provide accurate and reliable information to as many patients/customers as possible in the most customer-friendly manner, but achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction is a challenging undertaking. As humans, we can only serve one consumer at a time.

Because of this, many consumers are forced to wait in line. Either to get an answer to their question or to make an appointment. Chatbot relieves customer managers’ stress by allowing them to focus on more advanced tasks by handling multiple customers simultaneously and responding to all their questions.

When it comes to providing a better patient experience, a chatbot can be a valuable tool, such as:

  1. The Hospital Appointment Chatbot helps patients to quickly obtain important information.
  2. It also allows users to see which appointments are available on any given day.
  3. Getting an answer without waiting in line improves the patient experience.
  4. The hospital appointment booking chatbot makes it easy for patients to schedule, postpone or delete appointments, and send reminders so they don’t forget. It will also help the service provider in reducing no-shows.

Feedback Gathering Agent

Feedback Gathering Agent

Collecting feedback is one of the most important steps to improve customer/patient service. A chatbot makes it easy and exciting for the service provider and the customer/patient to get input by communicating with the patient instead of filling out a feedback form.


Since a chatbot is a piece of software, it has its own limitations. Like it:

  1. They can only perform the tasks for which the chatbot is programmed. This challenge can be overcome by using a well-programmed AI-based chatbot.
  2. For a better user experience it is crucial to communicate what users can achieve with the chatbot.
  3. Functionality limitations can frustrate the user, who has higher expectations than other people.

Despite their limitations, chatbots thrive in every industry. From food ordering chatbots to customer service chatbots, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for automating routine tasks so that organizations can focus on more complicated tasks.

Bottom Line

Healthcare chatbots have a wide variety of uses. It’s only time for the technology to become the new normal, and early adopters will benefit from greater patient engagement, increased revenue, lower operational costs and, most importantly, seamless, streamlined operations. To develop your chatbot for hospital appointment booking, BotPenguin offers an excellent solution. Try it now.