BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is a SaaS-based chatbot platform to automate Facebook Messenger Marketing. We are working on the 3C concept- Create, configure, and To adjust. It is a simple and hassle-free platform to create chatbots for your customers. This Facebook Messenger chatbot automates chats and gets faster conversions for more sales.

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is a Facebook marketing tool built for businesses looking to improve customer conversations, marketing, sales, and support. You can make a chatbot builder in 5 minutes without any code. No server configuration is required.

But with success and time, changes and updates are necessary. For our customers, we would like to offer this Facebook chatbot marketing service during their business travels. That’s why we’ve made a number of updates to our Facebook Chatbot pricing policy, making it more responsive to our customers’ needs and delivering quality services.

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder Pricing Implementation

BotMyWork Facebook Chatbot Pricing was implemented during the launch of the BotMyWork Chatbot builder in the year 2017, but as time went on, we updated our features and customers became successful. That’s why we decided to better serve our customers with a simpler chatbot pricing model.

So here we are with an update in our chatbot pricing going to be valid from November 1, 2021, where customers only have to pay for the service they use.

As an active user of BotMyWork, you know the value of our free subscription. It will help you connect your customers to grow your business.

While our free plan offers an incredible service at no cost, the same goes for a Pro plan, as it is also beneficial to our customers. When users choose our Pro plan, they get access to many advanced features that allow them to grow, improve and connect with their customers in a new way.

New Pricing Policy Changes

These changes have been made as we are updating our billing policy to the “Pay As You Grow” model, which means that the user only has to pay for the active contacts that interact and are connected to them. Unlike our competitors, we don’t force users to pay a higher recurring fee just because they previously had a higher number of subscribers, users only pay for the services they use. With this new pricing model, we offer more subscribers than our competitors in the same $0/month basic plan.

Previous prices vs current prices

Changes to the free plan:

  • The free plan is still there: Yes, your favorite free plan is still here, you can sign up anytime and test our platform for free.
  • All existing features in the free plan remain the same.
  • With this new pricing model, the contact limit changes to 250 subscribers.

Changes to Pro plan:

  • Features remain the same: All your favorite features remain the same.
  • Pay only for active subscribers: If you use our pro plan, you only have to pay for active subscribers. For instance, if a user has 1000 contacts in the first month, the limit will be increased to 1000 in the next month and only the contacts communicating with the bot will be deducted from the limit.
  • If you get more traffic on your bot in a month, you will have to pay accordingly for that particular month.
  • Price plan changed: In the old plan, the starting price was $9/month for only 500 subscribers, while the new plan starts at $14/month with the change of the subscriber limit to 1000 active subscribers per month.

Although in the previous plan you got 500 contacts for a lifetime for $9 a month. But after these price updates from November 2021, you’ll get 1000 active subscribers for $14/month.

If you’re still confused and can’t make the decision, let us help you. We have a bonus for users of a free plan. If you plan to upgrade to our pro plan, please upgrade before November 1, 2021 so you can get the same policy as the existing $9/month rate plan.

To take advantage of an upgrade from the current pricing plan before November 1, 2021!

Upgrade before November 1 to continue with the $9 per month subscription.

Why only BotMyWork Chatbot Builder?

In the current era, artificial intelligence has completely acquired the industry in which Chatbot plays a very crucial role. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder for Facebook Marketing is a famous platform to trust because it connects individually. The role of this tool is used by companies that want to improve customer conversations, marketing, sales or support.

BotMyWork Chatbot builder is a pocket-friendly tool. For more information, visit our new pricing plan at BotMyWork Chatbot Builder Pricing Calculator.

Here are the main features to watch for:

Auto respond to Facebook comments

  1. Comment Guard Tool automatically responds to all comments.
  2. It also automatically removes spam comments by intelligently identifying their sentiment.
  3. Comment Responder Tool automatically initiates a face-to-face conversation when user comments on one or selected post.

Send broadcasts and reminder anytime

  1. Send the user reminders or updates for an event they registered.
  2. Send abandoned cart reminders.
  3. Notify the user of an update on a recent purchase.
  4. Notify the user of a one-time change to their application or account.

Spend less and sell more

  1. Attract and engage leads immediately.
  2. Get more qualified leads in less time.
  3. Reduce your cost per lead by up to 7x.
  4. Facebook Messenger Ad CPA costs 30x-50x.
  5. Less than other Facebook ad campaigns.

Other possibilities

  1. A chatbot is active 24/7 for chat support.
  2. Respond quickly to simple customer questions.
  3. Enable multilingual customer support.
  4. Chat conversations personalized for better engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What if I am a free subscription user and have more than 250 subscribers?
    If you are a free plan user with more than 250 contacts, you need to upgrade to our Pro plan
  2. Is there a feature change in the new Chatbot Builder pricing update?
    No, the functions remain the same. All features in the free plan ($0/month) and pro plan ($14/month) remain the same as in the previous plan.
  3. What if I already have a $9 subscription?
    Don’t worry, you can continue with the same plan and you will only be billed for active contacts, meaning you have 500 contacts per month.
  4. What are the benefits for a paying member?
    Now all paid members are only billed for active contacts, so you can play more with your bot and scale traffic on your bot without worrying about high recurring costs.
  5. What can I expect with the Chatbot Builder free plan?
    The free chatbot Builder subscription lets you explore most of the tool’s features. You can set up, customize and train your chatbot without paying a single cent. And you can test your bot in real time with 250 contacts.

Maintaining the constant changes in the market is an arduous task. So we came up with the idea of ​​making the change in pricing policy to determine whether the company can compete in the low-cost market or not. For us, the customers are the first and foremost concern. We have tried to solve all your doubts through this article. But if you still have some confusion feel free to Connect with us always with your worries.