A unified customer profile view is a holistic view of customer information. Let’s take a look at how brands can use this to create compelling CX, add personalization, and improve CSAT.

Customer service is all about customers. Organizations that put the customer first perform better than organizations that don’t.

Being customer-centric means knowing your customers better and keeping them smartly engaged. In short, getting a 360-degree view of customers. In customer support, understanding your customers includes anticipating their needs and preferences, responding faster, and creating personalized responses at various points in the buying journey.

When done right, customer-centric actions can lead to meaningful experiences. First, customers value personalization of brands they interact with. Second, a pleasant and frictionless CX breeds trust, and trust breeds loyalty. So in the long run, customer-centric organizations acquire and retain more customers.

But the question is, how do you become customer-centric and build smarter engagement? The answer is: use the Unified Customer Profile view.

What is a unified customer profile view?

A unified customer profile view is a comprehensive view of customer data. In this profile, you can see customers’ basic information such as name, email, phone number, location, etc., their past purchase orders, past chat or call history, etc. Basically, everything about a customer since they first started interacting with your company.

A unified customer profile view on the Verloop.io live chat dashboard

A unified customer profile view is created of their past, current, and future interactions.

  • Past: a digestible view of customer history – their past interactions and purchase history.
  • Gift: current data about customers, where they chat/call from, context of the question, notes from previous agents (if handed over to multiple agents), etc.
  • Future: information about customer behavior. If there is an upsell or cross-sell opportunity, if the customer is likely to churn, etc.

A unified customer profile view is all about getting bits of information about the customer from different places and putting them together to get relevant and specific information that can be used to deliver wonderful experiences. That is, bringing all your customer data under one roof.

Businesses can build a unified customer profile view by integrating their conversation platform with their:

  • CRM and ticketing tools: Zendesk, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Mailchimp;
  • Marketing software: Clevertap, Webengage,
  • Payment channels: Razorpay, CCAvenue;
  • Message Channels: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber;
  • Other apps: Shopify, Magento, Zapier, etc.

These integrations automatically update the customer profile after every interaction your company has with a customer.

Why is a uniform customer profile important?

Customer data provides context for interactions and reduces gaps in communication.

By leveraging customer data, companies can create smart engagement strategies and improve the customer experience.

Over time, this data grows. And with the wealth of data available about customers, companies can deliver a unified customer experience across channels and touchpoints.

A comprehensive customer profile enables companies to create more compelling customer experiences, run relevant and targeted outreach campaigns, and improve customer satisfaction. The top five benefits your businesses can see are:

  1. Provide quick reply
  2. Add personalization
  3. Improve AI performance
  4. Facilitate communication between departments
  5. Send relevant outreach campaigns

1. Deliver a quick response

Customers want quick answers to their questions. A HubSpot Research found that 90% of customers say immediate response is an important factor when seeking support. 60% of these customers defined “immediately” as less than 10 minutes.

With a unified customer profile view, support agents get context about customer conversations and can respond more quickly. They don’t have to switch between tools to retrieve data.

gradient customer chat interface
Live chat response is faster with relevant customer information

A 360-degree customer profile solves another problem. A Forrester research found that 42% of agents were unable to efficiently resolve customer queries due to a lack of customer information. Comprehensive customer data provides agents with information that helps them make quick decisions and efficiently resolve customer queries.

Ultimately, comprehensive customer profiles improve agent and customer experiences at the same time.

2. Add Personalization

Customers want personalization. A Salesforce Research showed that 63% of consumers expect B2C companies to know their needs and expectations. For B2B this is 76%. According to another report (Accenture), 91% of customers are more likely to shop from brands that provide them with relevant recommendations.

A unified customer profile view is the foundation for personalization.

A holistic customer view gives a company a complete picture of customers’ purchase history, pages they visited on the website, previous chat conversations, channels where conversations took place, etc. Based on this data, you can personalize your automated interactions with them, provide of relevant information at the right time, in the right place.

3. Improve AI performance

Analyzing historical data provides us with information that enables us to see patterns and prepares us to make better decisions in the future. This is amplified for an AI.

An integrated customer profile enables AI to predict customer behavior and their future needs. By finding patterns in data, companies can solve problems before they happen. Customer data also helps AI train itself and respond accurately to customers.

With this data-driven approach, companies can use conversational AI to improve the customer experience to the core.

4. Facilitate communication between departments

A customer moves through the marketing, sales, and support departments, depending on their stage in the buying journey. Usually there is a gap in the transfer of information from one team to another. Data loss can also occur when customers move from one channel to another.

A unified customer profile aligns sales, marketing, and support teams across all channels.

By sharing a 360-degree view of customers, all departments are aligned and relevant information is passed on seamlessly. In other words, unified customer profile views eliminate data silos and fragmentation.

option to leave comments
Agents can leave internal notes for other team members to see

Sales and marketing departments can use this data for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Support agents can view information from sales and marketing to understand their journey. A win-win situation for all involved.

5. Send relevant outreach campaigns

Outreach campaigns work best when directed to specific audiences. With a unified customer profile, you can create better audience segmentation and thus create more strategic campaigns.

Based on customer behavior, you can send them alerts, notifications, updates, reminders, invitations, etc. With relevant information, customers feel more valued and more loyal to your brand.

Create a personalized and relevant outreach campaign using the unified customer profile

Outreach campaigns are important to businesses because they keep customer engagement active. With detailed customer profiles and targeted campaigns, companies can increase interaction with customers, get more responses from them, and achieve higher conversion rates.

Closing Thoughts

Companies compete for customer experiences and meet customer expectations. You must ensure personalization and relevant content to create authentic and humanized connections.

A unified customer profile view can improve your interactions with customers and provide better experiences at various points in the customer journey. This has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and retention.

Verloop.io is a leading AI provider for customer conversations. We integrate with over 100 tools to provide a unified customer profile view that enables better communication, quick responses, personalized messaging and targeted campaigns. Contact our team to see how it works.