Buying for Price Increases in 2022? Will prices really go up?

I am honored to be invited by PropertyGuru to speak at the PropertyGuru Expo 2021. The date is November 13, 2021 (Yes, Saturday). It’s 230 o’clock.

My talk will be very close to my heart, because this is always a question new home buyers like to ask. But if they listen to the project developer, there is of course only one answer. If they ask the real estate agent who sells that particular property, the answer is also the same.

Well, I don’t represent the developer, nor the broker, yes. I’ll just share what I’ve been through and what I’ve read. So come by yes. I am sure you will gain many new figures and insights. I made 18 slides for this lecture. Sign up here and come listen yeah.

Here’s the link one more time. Sign up here and come listen yeah.

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