At the start of the year, we like to take a look at what the experts predict for the next twelve months trending in the world of commercial real estate, as well as in design and social media. We begin this exploration with a walk-through of some construction and architecture predictions.

For the past two years we have reported on the emergence of sustainability and this looks set to continue into 2022 and beyond. Sustainable building is now starting to get greener and there is also a focus on adapting and repurposing existing buildings.

Safety will increase for those who work on the construction sites technology. As we have seen in previous years, drones will be able to assist in locations: reaching hard-to-reach or used areas to quickly map large areas and provide thermal maps and thermal images. The use of environmental sensors is expected to increase. These sensors can detect wind, heat, etc. and therefore give warnings to workers to evacuate if necessary.

The rise of AR and VR is continuing at a great pace in many sectors and the same is true for construction. This technology can be used to increase security measures by enabling training in a simulated environment. Augmented reality software can also produce 3D images of yet to be completed commercial real estate projects, allowing rapid and affordable changes to be considered.

What are some architectural design features we’ll see popping up?

Exposed steel structures seem fashionable. Perhaps due to durability considerations due to the fact that steel can withstand heavier loads and so less is needed in many structures. It seems popular in offices and restaurants as it gives a modern, industrial look to the space.

Glass blocks are expected to be used in designs as they provide plenty of natural light and insulation. They are also a 1970s trend, which is expected to influence many design considerations in the coming year

Having a good balance of indoor and outdoor space in workplaces is expected to grow, so expect an increase in things like roof terraces and balconies

And finally, due to hybrid working, non-permanent room dividers will become popular, allowing office space to be more flexible in accommodating different sizes of staff.

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