When you go house hunting, it’s hard to spot flaws from the past. However, there are many minor repairs and aesthetic repairs that should never stop you from buying an otherwise perfect home. If you love the neighborhood, the style, the size, and the backyard, don’t let these eight easy fixes get in the way.

  1. Damaged window screens. If the screens have small cracks, simply tape the edges together with clear nail polish. If they’re all broken, grab a DIY window screen repair kit for quick, inexpensive replacement.
  2. Ugly seal. Don’t worry if the seal around the tub, toilet, or other fixtures is dirty. With caulk remover, a putty knife and a caulking gun, you can have your bathroom looking like new in an afternoon.
  3. Holes in the wall. Holes the size of your hand can be repaired easily (and cheaply!) with spackle. Use a scouring pad and a fresh coat of paint to mix the repair.
  4. Old, sticky drawers. Older wooden drawers tend to stick and squeak, but a quick coat of household paraffin wax along the runners is all you need to fix the problem.
  5. Bad wall colors. As overwhelming as a bad paint color can be, never forget that it is one of the simplest solutions. One person can repaint an entire room in one day.
  6. Missing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. These alarms are inexpensive, easy to find and very easy to install yourself.
  7. Outdated devices. Replacing old appliances with new ones is a simple (albeit a bit expensive) process. Don’t let bad appliances keep you from having a great home, especially if it’s under budget.
  8. Dull or patchy landscape. If the garden is even or uneven, you can easily make your own garden beds, add plants and apply lawn treatments to fix things up.

It’s easy to be nervous about buying a home that needs work. But if the solution is quick, cheap and simple, don’t let that deter you from your dream home. Pull Quote: If you like the neighborhood, the style, the size, and the backyard, don’t let these simple solutions get in your way.