Have you ever interacted with a virtual assistant? How did the conversation go? Was it natural or did it seem robotic? If it was seamless and natural, kudos to the conversation designer. Their job is to accurately introduce themselves, anticipate the conversation flow for the scenario and formulate the responses accordingly – execute a successful conversation design.

Conversation Design is the art of designing experiences between two entities that can take place in a given scenario. The exchange can be oral or written. The true essence of conversation design lies in humanizing these experiences by identifying and responding to every little nuance (possibilities). In other words, making it a reflection of natural human conversations.

By 2026, 60% of large enterprises will use aggregate experience to transform their business models to achieve world-class advocacy for customers and employees.

– Gartner

Customer experience is paramount for companies to attract, retain and stay ahead of the competition. They deploy virtual assistants to provide their users with instant and conversational experiences. The performance of the VAs plays an important role. That’s why brands take great care in designing conversations for virtual assistants; it ensures a superior user experience (UX) for their users. But designing conversations has never been easier.

Why? Human conversations are warped, non-linear and contextual. Designing these conversations is exhausting. Check out the example below

Human conversations have interruptions, changes, digressions and more.

Conversation designers rely largely on flowcharts and spreadsheets to conceive and design conversations, but this approach is ideal for designing just linear conversations. With advancements in technology, there are now a few tools that allow you to design the conversation flows, add UI elements, and accommodate non-linear conversations. However, the limitation of these tools is that they are limited to design only, but do not support the development of virtual assistants.

Introducing Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform –

The Kore.ai XO Platform is the only codeless conversational AI platform on the market that supports the full virtual assistant development lifecycle: design, build, train, test, and deploy. storyboard, the built-in tool, lets you design conversational experiences taking into account non-linear alternative conversation paths and UI elements.

Furthermore, the Kore.ai XO Platforms industry first capability automatically converts conversational prototypes into executable dialog tasks/flows. The two-way sync makes it even more exciting by displaying the node-level changes in the conversation. It allows developers to act on these tasks/flows to add the business logic and make them operational. It significantly reduces the time and effort needed to build a fully featured virtual assistant that optimizes your customer and employee experiences.


Let’s take a look at the next-generation conversation design tool

User-friendly interface

The conversation view of the storyboard lets you build conversations by simply entering user-bot messages one after the other. Select the appropriate tabs at the bottom of the panel i.e. user, bot or notes. Mark my words, it is the most simple yet powerful way to design conversations.


UI-rich templates

Plain text messages are boring! How many of you say yes? I do 🙂 After all, we are talking about providing an unforgettable experience to the end users. The Kore.ai XO platform offers text formatting options – bold, italic, indent, and multiline. Also offers a range of pre-built templates such as buttons, carousels, quick replies, forms and more. View the extensive list here.


Mimicking human conversations

The rule of thumb when designing a conversation is not to sound robotic, but to be natural. The platform allows you to design multi-turn/non-linear conversations by defining different paths or connecting the paths together.

Pro tip! Link the conversation to a message within the scene or link to another scene altogether to speed up the design process and deliver a natural experience.

Visualize Important Sections

Conversations can extend to dozens of exchanges and take different paths. It is challenging to find a particular expression of the conversation. You can simplify this by using Scene Timelines. Use this feature to highlight essential parts of a conversation with hashtags; these appear on the left so you can quickly move around in your seat. You can create custom tags or use the predefined tags listed below –

  • #Get started_
  • #To hold_
  • #End_
  • #RESUME_.


Close cooperation

Storyboard ensures close collaboration between teams by allowing you to add comments on posts and notes within the scene. Comments can be directions to the developer or designer. You can access the entire comment history using the scene-level comment icon. It eliminates the unproductive back-and-forth communication between the designer and developer.

You can also generate a URL for a specific scene, share it with others, and let them watch it and give their feedback. You can even password protect the scene preview URL. Isn’t that cool!

Customize and view

Visualize conversation flows in real time using a design sample. It opens a fake website with a chat window that allows you to Play pause, Restarting, To adjust, and Exit the preview.

Storyboard offers numerous options to customize the look of the conversation. Use a light/dark theme, change the color of user/bot posts, add widgets and background images. Let the conversations reflect your brand identity.


Review with flow display

Understand the conversations better by visualizing them in a flow view. It helps you explore non-linear flows and relationships and make informed decisions.

The Conversation Design tool within the Kore.ai XO Platform is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. The intuitive chat interface allows business users to design conversations and build fully featured virtual assistants.

Kore.ai offers free trials to all conversation design enthusiasts. Create your login and start exploring the best-in-class Conversational AI Platform. All you have to do is jump on it and design unforgettable experiences.

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