December 30, 2021

I love round-up posts and I love looking back at YOUR favorite products from 2021, so I thought I’d bring the two together for this Favorite Products from 2021 post. Curious about what made the top 10? I’m sharing your favorites from the Clean Mama Shop as well as a handful of your Amazon favorites.

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Household Planner® – Not surprisingly, the Household Planners took 3 places in the top 10 – if you haven’t grabbed the 2022-2023 planner yet, now’s a great time to grab it on sale!

Oxygen Whitener – this versatile powerhouse is always a favorite among laundry and cleaning products. Stock or give it a try. It’s a game changer!Spray Laundry Bundle – I’m not surprised at the popularity of this bundle – it combines the detergent spray and oxygen bleach in one great value bundle. I use these two products with just about every wash!

Guide to a clean house – This PDF guide is a great place to start with the Clean Mama routine – it’s complete with quick cleaning guides, DIY cleaning recipes, and the full Clean Mama routine.

Detergent Spray – 2 Pack Refill Bundle – The detergent spray is fast becoming a cult product causing the refill bottles to be snatched away quickly. Not a bestseller yet, but soon the refill boxes!

Super washing powder – Lemon + Cloves – Looking for a safe and natural washing powder that really WORKS? This is it! Formulated with enzymes to remove dirt, grime and odors, Clean Mama Home Laundry Super Powder is truly a SUPER powder. Formulated with Clean Mama’s Signature Lemon + Clove fragrance, your laundry will take on a whole new vibe.

Guide to a flexible routine – Struggling to come up with a cleaning routine to fit your busy or unconventional schedule? The Flexible Routine Guide shows you how to implement the Clean Mama routine to clean your home with the least amount of time and effort.

Starter Kit for Spray Bottles – You love this kit! Perfect for making all your cleaning products yourself. The Starter Kit includes a set of 6 spray bottles + 6 color coding bands. All orders with the color-coded bands include a sweet reference card to keep your cleaners straight, or come up with your own system. The pure silicone straps are the perfect size for Clean Mama’s Glass Spray Bottles and Glass Mason Jars and provide a non-slip grip and protection against breakage.

Cloths + Towels – the foam sponges, Swedish dishcloths and cleaning wipes are your favourites! I love bringing innovative and cute cloths and towels to the store and you guys love it too! Stock up and make your cleaning fun and effective for 2022!

Now for some Amazon favorites – you can always shop my Amazon store here. Here are some of your favorites from my suggestions. Click on the image to go to Amazon for the individual products.

Love this duster and you will too!

This is a great detail brush for cleaning – it works on grout, shoes and crevices.

I love this large scrubbing brush for cleaning showers.

This is my favorite toilet brush and you guys like it too! It works great and you can change the brush heads as needed.

This blind cleaner makes a tedious task a lot easier!

My 4th book! Hoera! It’s only been a year Clean Mommy’s Guide to a Peaceful Home released on December 29, 2020 – I’d love to hear your stories about how it has helped your homes.

If you have stubborn toilet bowl rings, this is a must!

This is the scrub brush I use at night to clean the sink – it’s great!

That’s a wrap on 2021! I hope you enjoyed seeing these favorites – what’s yours?