Product overview: Take a look at the ONLY chatbot features you’ll need in 2022 to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Call automation is here to make your customer support life easier in 2022. Almost 58% of B2B and 42% of B2C companies nowadays use a chatbot on their website. But are they well equipped? While many providers offer basic chatbot features for your agents to get by, do you know WHAT really brings your customer support into the new era? Make sure your chatbot is set up for traffic. (Know the definitive AI chatbot trends for 2022 here.)

Your customer support is only as good as the number of customers you leave beaming after every interaction. We know how hard your agents work to ensure that. However, an advanced AI chatbot for conversations can go a long way in streamlining and preparing your team for what 2022 has to offer!

This is where comes into the picture.’s conversational AI is built on state-of-the-art ML and NLP algorithms that ensure that you are putting your best foot forward for your customers 100% of the time.

To discover what has to offer, we held an exclusive product webinar where we went through the key features that really set you apart from the competition.

Jashvant Neela from our product team dug deep into the end-to-end conversational AI platform we designed at with one motto in mind: To provide you and your customers with a great customer support experience.

These are the topics we covered in the exclusive product webinar

  • Omnichannel support to deliver happy CX in your users’ preferred language on any channel
  • Essential chatbot features to help your agents in real time
  • Ability to design your chatbot any way you want, tailored to your specific use cases
  • Create and manage campaigns that build long-lasting customer relationships
  • Panoramic view of analytics, statistics, real-time KPIs – all from one intuitive dashboard

You can bolster your support team with these advanced chatbot features built to deliver the enhanced experiences your customers expect from you this new year. Know how each of these features ensures that’s AI voice and chat platform is best equipped to handle your tickets in 2022.