Create a warm and inviting space for the holidays with these red and white Christmas living room decoration ideas. Beautiful ways to add that Christmas spirit!

Christmas Home Tours

Welcome to the last room of our Christmas house tour! I showed you our Christmas dining room, red and white kitchen and cozy Christmas room, and today I’m sharing our festive Christmas living room!

Winter wonderland Christmas mantle with black curved mirror.

Thank you to Marty van A walk through life for organizing this amazing Christmas home tour! This week, 35 bloggers open their homes and share all their Christmas inspiration and ideas with you. You can find all the links at the end of the post, so be sure to check them out for more Christmas decorating tips. If you happen to Calypso in the countryI’m so glad you could come by. Shelley always has lots of great budget-friendly decorating tips to help decorate your home for the holidays.

Television stand and Christmas tree in a festive Christmas living room.

Our festive Christmas living room decoration

When it comes to decorating the living room for Christmas, my main goal is to create a cozy and relaxing space for the family to hang out. We’re a big family-watching Christmas movie and we love to snuggle on the couch with blankets and pillows (and our dogs!).

Festive living room with red and white pillows and blankets.

When I’m designing a cozy space, I try to think about engaging all five senses. This helps to create a more relaxing environment that calms both mind and body. And who doesn’t need a little more relaxation around the holidays! 🙂

Flocked small Christmas tree with red gift wrapped presents.

Cozy Christmas decor using the 5 senses

Today I wanted to share with you some ideas to get all your senses involved in your holiday decor. Remember, these are just ideas – it’s about choosing what your own personal favorites are and what appeals to you best your senses!

Flocked tree with red berries and a cute Christmas mouse.

Sight: Apply cozy lighting.

What I like most about Christmas decorations are always the lights! Tree lights, string lights, tea lights, candles – I love them all!

Red and white festive Christmas living room.

To make your lighting cozier, you can use scones on the wall, add twinkling lights around the room, or add candles (real or fake) to add a softer light. I always look for warm white instead of cool white light for a nicer glow that isn’t so harsh.

Winter wonderland Christmas mantle with black metal candlesticks.

If you have a fireplace, light it for extra warmth and glow. You can read more about our winter wonderland Christmas mantle HERE

Winter wonderland santa claus with white stockings.

Sound: Turn on the Christmas melodies.

There’s nothing that gets you in the Christmas spirit more than Christmas music! When you’re snuggling up on the couch, play your favorite Christmas playlist through a hidden blue tooth speaker.

Or wait for the kids to go to bed, turn on the Christmas tree lights and turn off the main lights and relax for a few minutes and listen to the silence!

Winter wonderland Christmas cloak with lights.

Touch: Cozy with blankets and pillows.

Blankets and pillows are not only comfortable and cozy, but they also add texture and color to your space. For Christmas, combine neutral blankets that can be used all year round with more colorful blankets for a festive touch.

Basket filled with blankets in a festive Christmas living room.

Look for a variety of textures to add more interest and, of course, some warm and cozy options that are perfect for snuggling up to! You can roll up blankets in a trash can or basket, add them to a blanket ladder, or layer them on your couch.

Blanket ladder and basket of blankets in a festive Christmas living room.

Fragrance: Low on the Christmas scents.

There are so many great scents associated with Christmas. From spices such as cinnamon, gingerbread and vanilla to more woody scents such as freshly cut pine or other greenery, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Red and white festive Christmas living room.

Whether you like a lot of scent or a hint, there are a number of ways you can add that Christmas touch to your bedroom. Even if you don’t have a real Christmas tree, you can still add some fresh greenery in other ways. Make an easy DIY Christmas arrangement, add real greenery to garlands or fill a bowl with fresh vegetables and ornaments.

Beautiful DIY Christmas arrangement made from a poinsettia and fresh greenery.

Diffusers, DIY linen sprays or candles are another quick and easy way to add your favorite Christmas scents! Layer them together for your perfect custom scent!

Christmas centerpiece with a Christmas candle.

Flavor: Dress up a rolling cart with some seasonal treats.

When it comes to creating a cozy Christmas space, don’t forget one of the best parts of the season: the food! Christmas has so many tasty treats associated with it. From shortbread and sugar cookies to hot chocolate and candy canes, there are so many great flavors of Christmas.

Hot chocolate bar with leprechaun mugs.

A few years ago I put together this Christmas movie night wagon and wanted to do something similar this year.

Christmas movie nightcart with popcorn, hot chocolate and Christmas treats.

I ended up putting together a rolling hot chocolate bar using an artisan cart I had from Michaels. It’s filled with mugs, all the trimmings for hot chocolate, a cookie jar, candy canes and a few small bowls to fill with our favorite Christmas chocolate. You can find all the details of our hot chocolate shopping cart HERE.

Gnome cookie jar on a hot chocolate cart.

After the holidays, the cart can be switched for different seasons or used for alternate storage and organization in other rooms. There is always a use for a rolling cart! 😉

Gnome mugs in a hot chocolate cart.

More tours of the Christmas room

If you missed the other rooms from our Christmas tour at home, take a look at the rooms here. Just click on the links for more details! Visit our green, white and amber Christmas dining room HERE.

Beautiful dining room decorated for Christmas in green and white.

Sideboard with twinkling Christmas lights.

Flocked Christmas tree decorated with green, white and metallics.

Here you can see our red and white Christmas decor…

Christmas display in a red and white Christmas kitchen.

Christmas hutch decorated with a raccoon teapot and mug set.

Hot drink bar with chai latte and Santa mug.

And finally, you can visit a cozy Christmas room here…

Red and white Christmas bedroom decor.

Bedroom decorated for Christmas with Christmas tree.

Thank you so much for touring our Christmas living room with me today. I hope you have found some Christmas decoration ideas that you can use in your own home. If you’re new to the blog and want to stay updated, you can always find me here…


Festive living room with red and white pillows and blankets.

To continue with today’s Christmas home tour, go to Magnolia Avenue 11. Amy and Christy have always decorated their homes beautifully for the holidays and I’m sure you will enjoy their tour!

Red and white festive Christmas living room.

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