My 5 year old daughter believes that her “Elf on a Shelf” reports to Santa every night and that if she touches the elf, the elf will lose her magical powers.

I’m not sure if I should feel warm and fuzzy about the cuteness, or if I should be disappointed that my daughter didn’t call us to the ridiculous con…

I would like to thank all regular readers / commentators for their support and contributions in the comments section throughout 2021: Appraiser, Condodweller, Chris, Kyle, Libertarian, Ed, Marty, Izzy Bedibida, RPG, Francesca, GinaTo, Jenn, Sigruper, Graham, Pragma, Jennifer, Geoff, Joel, Island Home Owner, Derek, David, Katie, London Agent, David (not the David who runs this website), Kramer, Bal, Daniel, daniel b, hoob, Verbal Kint, jeff316, Jamie, Misha, R, Cyber, Writer, Tamir, Mike Stevenson, John, JG, Karolina, Murasaki, Mxyzptlk, J, ChT, Kevin, Moonbeam!, Tony, Laurie, Jimbo, Professional Shanker, Christoff, Frances, Bryan, Julia, Keith, Average Joe, AK, Adam, Egghead, East Yorker, Edwin, A Grant, JL, jeanmarc Steve, Nikki, Caris, F Cook, Caprice, Jonathan C, Dan, Elle O’Lelle, JF007 and Potato, who I believe has only made one comment a year for the past two years, but it’s nice to see a reader of a decade or more back on TRB!

I also believe there is one Chroscklha see in July. I think we’re all curious to know if his emotional buttress is looking forward to a nondenominational vacation this month.

I like this time of year, which is very strange as I’m not good at ‘relaxing’.

In the first weekend of December we cut down and decorated a Christmas tree.

Last weekend we went to Casa Loma, then came home and put a huge inflatable reindeer on the front lawn along with Olaf, and a gingerbread man, not to mention a litany of glowing lights.

This weekend it’s decorating gingerbread houses, baking Christmas cookies, and I guess at some point I’ll have to wrap all those presents.

I’m a little sad to get to this point in the year, but I know it’s for the best.

Two weeks without the Toronto Realty Blog is going to be tough, but it’ll be January before we know it.

I already have a few blogging ideas up my sleeve, but I really need to save them for another day and relax. Take it easy. To breathe. Look at the rose quartz and reduce stress. Feel how the amethyst radiates a gentle power of self-love. Put on the distributor

…wait, what smells like lemon Promise here now?

I hope you all have something stimulating, exciting, yet safe planned for the holidays.

If I just sit inside and spend time with my wife and kids, I’ll be happy. Crazy, but happy.

A question to my running friends: how the hell do you run in the snow? Do you have spikes on your shoes? You’re not carrying water, are you? And you’re cutting back on distance, right? I’m not a “runner” yet, but I did run a lot this year. I’ve just passed the 600KM which I know is not on par with the 1,000KM that Key Living’s very own Mark McLean has done every year for ten years, but you have to start somewhere!

Thank you to everyone for reading, watching and commenting here on Toronto Realty Blog in 2021 and for your continued interest in all things real estate, desire for lively debate and incredible contributions.


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