Just above Atlanta, where the mountains of North Georgia and Lake Lanier are home to many metropolitan Atlanta families, active empty nesters, and seniors, Holli Clem has landed $111 million in real estate deals in less than five years. At the end of the third quarter of 2021, she has already successfully completed $34 million in business. utilities; as a top agent who has earned a slew of awards (including #1 Individual Agent Overall for Production for the 400 North Association of REALTORS® and Top 1% worldwide, and the RealTrends list of America’s top real estate professionals by volume and units sold); Clem is ready to take her business to the next level by making the move to Keller Williams of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

Clem joined the Keller Williams Atlanta-South Forsyth Market Center in September 2021 and is eager to build and improve the processes that, while they got the job done, haven’t given her the work-life balance or margin she desires. She is the only salesperson in her company with the help of two full-time assistants and two part-time employees, and her heartbeat uses her experience and skills to guide her many clients through the complex real estate process. “Now that the market seems to be normalizing, I’ve decided I want to go in a different direction,” she says of the switch to KW. “I want to cultivate a business-building mindset more than a transactional mindset. I want to remain a great broker, but I also want to build a great business.”

Holli, Brodie and Dash

After graduating from university and obtaining a series of licenses in financial services, Clem spent some time as a finance director with a broker/dealer. When her husband took a new job around the time their daughter turned 1, she decided to stay with her for the next 22 years, and later with a son. Clem credits those two decades as a stay-at-home mom to properly prepare her for her most recent role as the nationally ranked top performing agent.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be at home to help manage the household while my husband focused on his work. We moved across state lines every few years as my husband took on new positions, so we had to learn how to furnish and sell a house, research and buy a new one, and then we had to get used to new schools, new neighborhoods and new service providers. It gave me an authentic understanding of what my customers are going through as they prepare to buy, sell and move.”

Five years into her real estate career and with her transition well underway, Clem is already diligently learning Command to help her better connect with her clients so she can achieve her main goal of “making sure they are well be represented and protected in this rapidly changing industry.” She continues, “It is so important for a broker to be able to use and interpret data related to the local market, while negotiating terms and mitigating risk.”

Clem is excited about the future. “I feel like I can do better and better. So that’s my first goal. My second goal is to really establish where we want to go. Do I want to build a great team? Or am I happy with my current level? My goal is to maintain and grow potential, but to get balance, because we want to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor, right? Keller Williams is known for his processes, models, systems and training to help me leverage that That’s what I’m here to find out.”

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