You don’t have to be an experienced art collector, historian, or enthusiast to manage and display a well-crafted, visually pleasing gallery at home. Hanging a gallery wall gives your collection of photos, drawings, and other works of art a place to be displayed. It can also bring life to boring chunks of empty wall space, connecting the spaces in your home. So, before you hit nail to drywall, keep the following information in mind to put up the perfect picture wall for your home.

Create a gallery wall at home

The first step to putting up a gallery wall at home is to assemble your artwork. Once you have collected the artwork you want to hang, measure each piece to determine the dimensions of the frame. You’ll find it easier to find frames for the pieces in your art collection that have common sizes, such as 5″ x 7″ or 8″ x 10.” For works of art with unusual dimensions, you can look for a custom frame or simply buy a larger frame with the correct mat to match the work of art. Applying a mat can also give your pieces an elevated, professional look. Once you’ve taken your measurements, it’s time to buy supplies.

First, collect your gallery wall supplies: a hammer, nails, hooks, and photo hangers. If you have a large piece of art in your collection, make sure to find a hanging device that is certified to hold its weight. You may find it helpful to use paper and tape to “outline” the desired layout on the wall before hanging, and while you’re hanging, use a spirit level or frame to determine when your artwork is level. During installation, start in the center of your wall space and work toward the edges. It can also be useful to hang up larger works first and work downwards. This way, if you need to make adjustments, you can easily adjust your smaller artworks around a focal point.

Gallery walls throughout your home

Living Room Gallery Wall

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A gallery wall in the living room may just be the cure for that large, empty space behind your couch. Since living room walls are often one of the larger areas in a home, it is a suitable place for large works of art and intricate collages of frames. Think how the proportions of your gallery wall can provide balance in your living room.

Home Office Gallery Wall

A home office with a gallery wall above the desk.

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With the recent increase in remote working, home offices are now more important than ever. Keeping your home office fresh and vibrant is key to staying productive and inspired while working from home, and a gallery wall can help with just that. Experiment with different combinations of artwork, photos of friends and family, and other beloved collectibles.

Bedroom Gallery Wall

A bedroom with a gallery wall above the head of the bed.

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Hanging a gallery wall in the space above your headboard or on an adjacent wall is a quick and easy way to upgrade your bedroom. Fill the space with inspiring paintings, memorable photos, motivational quotes, or whatever artwork best complements the color and decor in the room.

These are just some of the ways you can integrate a gallery wall into your home. Hanging a gallery wall in a children’s playroom can be a fun way to highlight their artwork. Creating a cascading gallery along a staircase between floors creates a flow between the levels in your home. The options are endless. To learn more about managing the spaces in your home, read about How to upgrade your dining room.