iHomefinder is the exclusive technology supplier for IDX products offered by MRED (Midwest Real Estate Data) MLS. If you are an active agent or broker and your association is in MRED MLS, you can sign up for MRED IDX Products to get the same IDX real estate search, lead capture, and online marketing features offered in our agent and brokerage solutions.

Attract new prospects

Everything you need to stand out from the crowd

Make real estate searches easier
Share market insights
Mark chosen offers
Promote your own listings

Help buyers and sellers find your real estate website

Support your SEO strategy
Build your content marketing

Deliver personalized content that builds trust and loyalty

Educating with personalized market data
Share the latest ad activity
Deliver emails with your own content

Bringing in leads

Quickly turn your website traffic into registered leads

Invite Engagement
Boost subscriptions

Optimize your opportunities and growth

Import and forward new leads
Provide immediate follow-up for every new lead
Build your pipeline
Follow Lead Sources

Close customers

Prove you’re the right agent to work with

Deliver immediate, relevant follow-up instead of generic drip campaigns
Impress your prospects with compelling emails featuring market insights and listing activities, all under your brand
Build relationships

Win more customers with efficiency and organization

Manage your to-do list
Organize and plan
Track your progress

Build up repeating business

Keep the door open for repeat customers and encourage their referrals

Share neighborhood market insights
Recognize special dates with automated greetings
Grow your referral network

Start today

Visit the MRED IDX products store today to learn more and get your MRED IDX account powered by iHomefinder.

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