Atami’s Hotel New Akao closed its doors for good on December 17, ending 48 years of existence. As demand is not expected to return in the near future and an aging building, it was decided to close.

The 20-storey, 250-room hotel opened in 1973. The waterfront hotel is built into the bluff just below Atami Castle, with an enviable 70 acres of waterfront land. It featured a lobby on the 17th floor, a dining room on the 2nd floor, and karaoke, a dance hall, onsen, and an oceanfront pool on the 1st floor.

Once the main hotel guests were corporate group travelers, but later the demographic shifted to families and individual guests. However, since the pandemic, the occupancy rate had fallen to 30%. In 2021, the hotel only opened during peak holiday periods. Future plans for the building have yet to be determined.

Royal Wing (now called Hotel Asao) and the Akao Herb & Rose Garden, also located on the extensive grounds, remain in operation.

The hotel’s origins date back to 1954 when the company founder opened a 2-storey, 12-room ryokan. In 1963, a large oceanfront property on Nishikigaura Bay was purchased, and construction on the Hotel New Akao began shortly after.


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