Good news for buyers hoping to find a decent-sized apartment in Tokyo – the proportion of brand-new three-bedroom apartments over 100sqm delivered to the market in Tokyo’s 23 wards so far in 2021 has reached 5, Reached 7%, up from 5.1% share in 2020. This is still below the record high of 8.4% in 2007.

In a market where the average size of a new three bedroom apartment is 70 ~ 75 sqm (753 ~ 807 sqm) and more than 80% of newly completed apartments are smaller than 80 sqm, anything over 100 sqm is considered a considered luxury. As such, the supply at the high end of the market will be more limited than in the smaller and easier to sell segment. It’s also priced a lot higher than the standard offering.

A noticeable trend is that the share of 100 m² + three-room apartments is steadily increasing. In 2014, it hit a low of 2%, but it has been rising year on year since then.

It’s a different story in Yokohama City, where only 0.4% of completed three-bedroom apartments were over 100sqm, no change seen as of 2020. More than 93% of new apartments were smaller than 80sqm.

Source: Tokyo Kantei, October 28, 2021.

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