The live chat channel serves many “touchpoints” in the increasingly multi-touchpoint B2B and B2C buyer journey. Customers use it to find solutions to their pre-sale questions. According to Forrester Research, site visitors who use online chat are three times more likely to buy from you than those who don’t. People use live chat to get after-sales help and submit service requests once they’ve signed up as a consumer. When used in conjunction with other self-service channels, it can reduce your live support request traffic by up to 40%, resulting in significant cost savings and faster resolutions.

In this post you will find live chat software for the sales and marketing team.

According to Gartner, live chat is the second most favorite channel for customer service.

So the best live chat software for sales and marketing teams are as follows:

Features of live chat as a sales app

Visitors and consumers will have a better buying experience using live chat, which will result in more revenue for your business. However, not all chat systems are created equal. Here are the qualities most sought after when choosing apps for this list:

  1. Dynamic function: Chat needs to be dynamic, not static, to engage with potential consumers. Personalized and targeted automation, proactive conversations, chatbots, nurturing sequences, lead scoring, forms, and segmentation are examples of what I’m talking about.
  2. Integrations: Integrating live chat into your current tech stack ensures that your data is accurate and that your products are used effectively. It covers everything from your eCommerce platform to your CRM to your marketing automation tool and everything in between. The best sales chat applications are native connections or Zapier to connect with other apps.
  3. Report: Basic reports for common chat data such as real conversations, response time, agent chats, etc. will be available in all apps. A chat app should have built-in reporting for lead generation and sales and reports for chatbots to measure marketing/sales performance. There should also be a native Google Analytics integration to track any additional data not included in the other reports.
  4. Productivity Features: These tools simplify the work of chat reps and supervisors. Canned responses, chat transfer, typing, co-browsing, chat, and visitor routing are just a few examples.
  5. Safety: Brands use the live channel to facilitate various dialogues. It must of course be safe to use. Not only must your chat solution provide end-to-end encryption for chats – the same level of security as popular messengers – but it should also protect the infrastructure.
  6. Price: The best live chat platforms offer several premium options, with the top plan offering the most value. So carefully analyze what is included in each plan as you may need to upgrade if you opt for a trimmed entry level.
  7. scalability: Before signing a contract, consider how much your solution will cost you as you grow from five to 15 users, and so on. Also, as your message volume increases, consider how different live chat prices scale.
  8. customization: Make sure your live chat software allows you to personalize your chat experience. In order for your chat widget to reflect your brand, you need to apply custom styling.
  9. Omnichannel functionality: Simply put, an omnichannel live chat solution allows your users to communicate with you from anywhere. So look for a system that can handle the communication of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and iMessage from Apple.

Top 6 Live Chat Software for Sales and Marketing Teams

The 6 Live Chat Software for Sales and Marketing Teams are as follows:


BotPenguin's chatbot

Another live chat company that is incorporating AI into the conversion process is BotPenguin. Plus, custom engagement can help you get more customers. This software combines artificial intelligence with live agent software for a simple solution for customer interaction. The goal is to equip staff with all the information they need to help consumers receive fast and tailor-made results.

BotPenguin, a program that facilitates bot building using pre-built templates, is also available. Consumers can quickly buy things and get answers to questions in their favorite messaging channel with AI-powered chatbots. This live chat software allows you to communicate with customers via SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Conversational AI, live chat, and omnichannel engagement are just some of the live chat solutions that BotPenguin offers.


drift chatbot

Drift is the live chat system dedicated to sales and marketing, or “turnover acceleration,” as the company calls it. It combines automated personalization techniques such as a targeted chat message, visitor statistics and account prioritization with live chat and chatbots. And that’s just the view of the jet stream; there are hundreds of other elements that tie everything together. Since the platform has so many options, it was pleasantly surprising that navigating and setting up was quite easy.

With the basic chat widget design done, it was time to learn about Drift’s core feature: Playbooks, automatic procedures that deliver messages to specific users on your site. Essentially, you establish a chat conversation based on the characteristics of your visitors, such as where they are in your sales or marketing funnel.



It’s a treat to find a chat app that seems like it was made for you to succeed and enjoy after trying hundreds of others (or at least feeling less job-like). HelpCrunch provides hands-on lessons, a clear user interface, and automated communication to help generate leads and complete sales. All this is packed into an easy-to-use platform, even for the least tech-savvy.

You can also compose your automatic messages and choose from different rules to control who sees them. These messages are recorded in a grid for sent, opened, clicked, and replied, indicating whether they are active or drafts. Popups can also be created in the same way as automatic messages. These appear on your sites when and where you want them, and they are activated based on your specific circumstances.



Nexa has a “people-powered live chat” option for you. In addition to the live chat software, you get access to a team of skilled agents to handle the channel on your behalf. Nexa’s chat agents essentially interact with your visitors and provide them with the answers or services they need, then direct the conversations to you when needed.

Businesses looking for a live chat service and software that is ready for you should use this live chat software. Nexa offers a variety of voice and chat support options, starting at $140 per month for up to 20 sessions.

Freshdesk Messages

Freshdesk Messages

Are you unsure whether or not you want to use live chat for sales, or are you mainly in the service sector? — Freshdesk Messaging (formerly Freshchat) has many useful features for both departments. It is one of many Freshworks applications. It integrates many sales and service capabilities into one package, making it an excellent alternative for businesses that need a solid balance of both. Let’s start with the service side.

To get started, create a personalized chat widget for each of your colleagues. To help your visitors realize they’re dealing with a human, provide a name, a photo, and a short “about me” description. You can assign each agent a skill level that corresponds to the number of active chats they can have. As a result, you can limit this task for a novice to four conversations at a time, while an expert can manage up to eight. It is used to analyze and assign conversations to agents using their system (load-based or round-robin) to automatically route conversations to agents.

Rich messaging (images, videos, FAQs), bulk actions for assigning and resolving calls, and co-browsing, which worked well during testing, are a few more service features that stood out. Another feature that was appreciated was their FAQs, which set them apart from some of the other applications on our list. You can create help articles for different categories, add them to your chat widget, and open them in the widget instead of redirecting your users to another website or site.

Freshdesk Messaging offers a great set of out-of-the-box and custom reports for tracking conversation data and campaign information (for bots), but no native Google Analytics connectivity. Freshchat is free for the first 100 agents (no free bot sessions). Paid plans start at $15 per user per month, with a fixed price of $19 per month for some automated capabilities.



JivoChat, which powers the live chat channel for 250,562 businesses (and there are still), gives your business a centralized inbox that collects all the messages your customers send you. It is an “all-in-one” business messenger that allows your customers to interact with your business through their favorite channels (phone, email, social media messaging like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and more).

This live chat software has a variety of capabilities that can be used to support a variety of sales and service chat scenarios. This live chat software is great for any business that wants to provide omnichannel web messaging to its customers. Jivochat’s free plan allows five agents and allows unlimited chat conversations; the premium plan unlocks all the features of the solution and costs $19 per user per month with annual payment.

Bottom Line

Live chat is used by both B2C and B2B businesses. However, the software you use to run the live chat channel determines a large part of your performance. Among other things, your live chat software should help you provide a consistent sales and support experience throughout the purchase process.

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