Baking a fresh batch of cookies in a house for sale is a time-honored method of making a kitchen more attractive to buyers. But Tina Newby, an agent at Team Realty and Investment Solutions in Tampa Bay, Florida, goes one step further, baking banana bread, rolling out Christmas cookies and cooking delicious vegan tacos.

And she does it while presenting an online cooking show, straight from the kitchens of her salespeople.

Newby’s show, ‘Home Cooked Real Estate with Tina Newby’, is available to watch on facebook and YouTube, and the friendly, engaging host demonstrates how to cook some of her favorite sweet and savory dishes, while praising the many fine features of the kitchen and home she represents.

Newby says the idea of ​​the cooking show came to her in October 2019. A self-proclaimed foodie, she decided to combine her love of cooking with her love of real estate. “When you show off a house, one of the first things you do is show off the kitchen,” Newby says. “I also saw that video was the way everything was moving. I decided I could show a kitchen, do some extra marketing, and at the same time share some of the recipes I make for my own family.”

Tina Newby with her Vietnamese spring rolls.

Thanks to Tina Newby

Tina Newby with her Vietnamese spring rolls.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Newby decided that the first episode, highlighting a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom waterfront home in Hudson Beach, Florida, would feature one of her favorite holiday desserts—apple dumplings. The customer liked the idea so much that she asked if she could participate. Although the client ultimately decided not to appear in front of the camera, she did discuss some of her favorite features of the house, such as the custom cabinetry in the kitchen, and shared a short clip showing the view of the canal behind the house. see.

Newby has now filmed 14 episodes of “Home Cooked Real Estate”, with thousands of views. Her most popular episode – one of the Christmas Cookie Episodes – has racked up over 1,500 views. As the number of views has increased, sellers have become a little less camera-shy. “Now that I’ve become more popular, salespeople want to appear in front of the camera with me,” says Newby. “That saves a little extra work, because I have to write a script for them.”

In fact, Newby says, the whole production is quite a bit more work than people might think. The fun, light-hearted episodes pass in 10- to 30-minute segments. But each episode takes days to produce. Newby estimates that the preparation of an episode – going to the store to buy ingredients, preparing the ingredients for use in the show, and precooking a finished version of the dish pictured – can take one to two days. The filming process takes about four hours — “depending on how many mistakes I make,” she says — and then the kitchen Newby cooked in has to be cleaned up once filming is complete. After that, it takes several hours to edit the filmed footage into one neat, seamless episode.

“Sometimes people ask me how they can do something similar. When I tell them how much work it is, they say, ‘Oh never mind,’” Newby says with a laugh.

Because Newby doesn’t have a film crew, she relies on her family to help her make every episode. Her husband serves as her videographer, her 15-year-old daughter helps prepare the ingredients, and her 11-year-old daughter helps with the lighting and cleanup. The whole family works carting gear and supplies for each ad — including the utensils and bowls Newby uses in each episode to maintain a consistent look — and they all load and unload the car. “I could never do this without them,” says Newby. “It really is a family affair.”

The professional, polished look of the “Home Cooked Real Estate” episodes is all the more remarkable as Newby has no previous TV or broadcast experience. She graduated from the University of South Florida in 2005 with a degree in Business and Management, initially working as a business analyst at investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co. After leaving the company and working as a stay-at-home mom for several years, Newby decided to start using real estate in 2018 and obtained her license that same year. She joined Florida Luxury Realty in Trinity, Florida, giving herself two years to test the waters and gain brand awareness. Newby discovered that she was passionate about real estate and finished fourth in sales volume with her brokerage in her first year. She now focuses that same enthusiasm on the show: “I’ve learned about filming along the way, and I love it.”

Newby continues to improve the show and while trying to add value, she eventually created a spin-off: ” Tina talksInitially, Newby began inviting industry experts such as mortgage lenders and tax experts to “Home Cooked Real Estate” to share their expertise and educate potential buyers. However, she soon realized that presenting a home and giving advice to buyers made the videos too long and complex, so she decided to split the advice segments and create a new show.”Tina Talks” debuted in April 2020 with an episode about maintaining financial health during the Since then, Newby has had episodes about forbearance and home refinancing, tax issues and insurance — and she even has an in-depth episode that outlines the buying process from the beginning of the search to the closing.

“Because we as real estate professionals are in the field, there’s a lot that we think is just common sense,” she explains. “But for someone who isn’t in the field, buying a house can be confusing. And as a buyer, you can’t ask the right questions if you don’t have that knowledge.”

Newby plans to continue growing her business and brand, and merchandising is the next ingredient on her list. She has received a flood of requests from viewers wanting to buy the apron she’s wearing on “Home Cooked Real Estate,” and Newby is investigating whether the item can be reproduced and sold, with all proceeds benefiting local charities. Women with a purpose, which supports the families of cancer patients.

And, of course, she plans to continue sharing more recipes in her cooking show as she shows off her vendors’ kitchens. “I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home,” says Newby. “It’s where conversations happen. I want to show buyers all the wonderful things their family can do in that kitchen.”

As promised, here’s Tina Newby’s recipe for her favorite vegan tacos: