So I’ve written another book, and it’s coming out January 11th!

Organizing for the Rest of Us: 100 Strategies for Keeping Every Home in Check is a hardcover gift book. That means it’s beautiful! It has photos and a ribbon bookmark and I love it.

So what makes this book different from my last two books? While the other books were 60,000 like words (EACH) of me doing daily tasks and clearing and thinking from every possible angle and already answering beforehand your other apologies folks, this one summarized my strategies in tip format. It includes tips not included in the other books and tips I’ve never shared before.

And . . . there are pictures. Color photos.

For example, I’m sharing my five-step cleanup process with photos to show you how to reduce clutter and gain space better with every step. At a glance, it appears that we are talking about real junk.

Dishes Math is explained with pictures hopefully will help you get it if you haven’t gotten it before.

And if you wanted to give my book to someone, but were afraid they would be offended, I can’t promise they won’t, but this book is much more valuable than the others. I requested that the cover read “Dana K White, author of Decluttering at the Speed ​​of Life” instead of “Dana K White, creator of A Slob Comes Clean”.

I mean, it’s like 50% more gifted with that one change, right?

Organizing for the Rest of Us by Diana K. White

And it’s browsable. I think that’s one of the greatest values ​​of this book. Scroll down to the kitchens section and quickly read some strategies that will make your kitchen easier to manage. Scroll through the bathroom cleaning strategies and say (out loud if you like, I won’t judge), “Oh, I totally could do that!”

Pre-order now

Organize for the rest of us appears a month (plus a day) after I published this post. If it sounds like a book that could help you, go ahead and pre-order now!

Why pre-order?

  • By pre-ordering, you can take action now so you don’t have to remember anything later. (That sounds like a lot of what I’m learning here, right?) Usually pre-ordered books arrive on release day, so it just shows up in your mailbox or on your e-reader or in your audiobook app or you get an email email (or text or phone call or whatever they do) from your local bookstore that they are ready to pick it up.
  • By pre-ordering, bookstores know this is a book to put on the shelves. I know this isn’t much of a benefit to you personally, but it goes a long way in raising awareness of this book, letting more people know that there is real hope for the hopelessly messy.
  • If you pre-order EN Fill out this form with your pre-order information, you will get some bonuses. As a thank you for pre-ordering the book (from anywhere in any size), you’ll get a downloadable printable flowchart of my cleanup process. AND you’ll be invited to a live Zoom Q&A/hangout during the release week. I will be holding three Q&As. One will be in the evening (for me), one in the morning (for me) and one in the afternoon (for me). I do three sessions at different times so hopefully one of the times works for you and your time zone/work schedule.

Now for some answers to questions I’ll get if I don’t pre-answer them here:

Can I get the bonuses if I get the audiobook?

Yes. You can get the bonuses if you pre-order ANY format of the book (audio, digital/e-reader, hardcover) wherever you are (local bookstores, online retailers, international retailers where available, etc). Just look for your order number to include on the pre-order form. It’s probably in your confirmation email or in your account if you’ve already booked. If you can’t find it, send us an email and my assistant will help you figure it out.

Are the printables included in the package with my book when it is delivered?

New. All pre-order bonuses are digital and I handle them. The book is an ordinary book sold by mainstream bookstores, “everywhere that books are sold.” You simply get the book from the bookseller. I only send the bonuses on the basis of: this shape which you must fill in with your purchase details. If you don’t fill out that form, I don’t know if you’ve reserved the book.

Can I buy the book directly from you?

I know people ask this because you support me and try to do what’s best for me. I appreciate that so much! The mutually beneficial relationship between the author and the publisher and booksellers ultimately takes a book SO MUCH further than I could ever do alone if I sold it directly to you. I also don’t like to email things.

Can I get a signed copy?

You all. I did this last time and planned to do it again. But to do it, I have to partner with a local bookstore here in Dallas. There are only two independent bookstores I know of, and one said they would but never gave me a link to share with you. The other did not respond to the email I sent while the other never sent me the link. I know places are overwhelmed so I don’t take it (completely) personally. If you REALLY want a signed copy, email me. Maybe I can get their attention if I can give them a real number of people asking for a signed copy.

If flip-throughability is essential, which version should I order?

This is difficult. Since this book is browsable and colorful, I think the hardcover is the best version of it. BUT that doesn’t mean there isn’t great value in the ereader and audio versions! I read the audiobook version and I think it went really well! I’ve adapted to explain what needed to be explained so you don’t miss any information! And hey, if there’s a nice little leafy book lying around, maybe someone else in the house is flipping through it. And smile. And learn something. Could be.

So pre-order and then Fill out this form to claim your pre-order bonuses!

If you’d like to learn more about the book and see a list of some of the places you can reserve, head here.