BotMyWork Chatbot Builder – a growing chatbot building company that has always touched the hearts of their customers with great features and services; back again with a NEW transfer protocol feature.

This transfer protocol feature allows FB users to disable the bot for their part and request to chat with the real person. Furthermore, the FB users can also switch back to the chatbot at their own discretion.

This choice-based transfer of Chatbot-Human makes this transfer feature different from the live chat feature. Hopefully the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder already had the live chat feature and the last update also added the transfer feature.

This is the need of time and customer, and a must feature for perfect chatbot automation.

Most importantly, the BotMyWork team has included this feature in the FREE version to ensure our customers get the best experience.

In this article, I’ll take you through the details of this feature.

Where can you find the setting?

The transfer takes place between TWO available recipients. Therefore, you must clearly define both before you expect this transfer protocol feature of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder to work.

If you try to add the transfer action to the chat stream, without clearly mentioning both parties; you would get an error message as shown below:

transfer error

This “error message” appears because the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder failed to call the respective API from the main FB page setting. This setting can only be done by the owner of the FB page.

Initial setting

To set this up, open your FB page, go to the “Page Setup” and open “Advanced Posts”.

FB page setup

the next screen appears:

Advanced Message Setting

The following options appear in the configuration setting.

primary-secondary setting

Set the primary recipient as BotMyWork Chatbot Builder, and this will show all messages sent to the page and managed by the chatbot to your website or Messenger

Primary means the main recipient or the default recipient of the messages.

The secondary recipient is set to Page Inbox (Messenger’s normal inbox and without any chatbot/automation influence). Since this inbox is directly controlled and managed by the owner of the FB page, this transfer option connects the creator of the search directly with the real person of the brand.

With this setting, you are ready to add the transfer protocol feature to your chatbot’s chat flow. However, the novice may struggle to find the function on the dashboard, so I’ll show you here exactly where to set up the transfer protocol function.

Second setting

First, go to the “Stories” section of the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder dashboard, add a new block that would be dedicated to adding this transfer protocol feature. Let’s call it “Agent”

add block

After clicking the “more” option, you will get the options like:

transfer protocol

This will add the transfer plugin to the “Agent” block.

transfer in chat flow

Once you have set up this Handover plugin on your newly created block and used it throughout the chat flow, this respective moment marks the turning point of the chat between the chatbot and the real agent.

In the next section, we’ll learn how to do it and see it in action. Tune in, learn and get the most out of Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Handover Protocol feature in action?

Let’s build a chatbot and see the transfer protocol feature in real life.

Background: dr. James Smith is a cardiac surgeon at City Main Hospital and he decided to consult his patients online as well. However, his busy schedule prevented him from treating every patient. So he used chatbots for the website. But often, some patients have immediate attention from Dr. Smith needed. Here’s how Dr. Smith solved this problem using BotMyWork’s Handover protocol feature.

Let’s build a (less trained) chatbot for Dr. Smith with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder and see how the Handover protocol works in practice.

We’ll start by creating a new block called “Doctor”. This block contains two elements; text and transfer protocol.

transfer example

Now we open the welcome block and add three click buttons to it. These three click buttons are:

  1. Heart Health Tips
  2. Chat directly with Dr. Smith
  3. visit website

set blocks in chat

The first “Heart Health Tips” will show general text with some heart healthy tips.

On the second click on the “Chat directly with Dr. Smith” button, we will add the “Doctor” block. So whenever the person clicks on it, the “Doctor” block becomes active.

block option in the chatbot

Let’s see how this works: When the patient (their counselor) clicks “Get Started”. He will receive the welcome block along with the options as shown below.

transfer direct message function

The patient’s attendant chooses to “Chat Directly with Dr. Smith” and they click the chat controls from chatbot to the “Page Inbox” which is directly under Dr. Smith’s control. Smith.

From now on, all messages will appear in Dr. Smith and he also received the corresponding notification for it.

chatbot transfer example

In this way, Dr. Save Smith much of his precious time and provide emergency care without delay. All thanks to BotMyWork Chatbot Builder’s new transfer protocol feature.

How does Chatbots Handover Protocol feature help?

The few overall benefits of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder’s NEW Handover protocol feature are:

1. Improves support services

Many customers or customers communicate with the chatbots with their questions. And sometimes, when the questions get complicated, it becomes difficult for the chatbot to articulate.

In such cases, the inquirer wants to get in direct contact with a real person on the other end. And handover is the most useful feature in such scenarios. The administrator can give the option or button to disable the chatbots and start a conversation with the person directly.

2. Better connects customers and customers

When a customer or customers can chat with a real person from the brand or organization, they begin to develop a stronger bond that increases loyalty and conversion.


Chatbots are the future of automation tools. And it is the easiest and most popular option to automate your business.

At the moment, chatbots are popular in e-commerce, medical, support teams, academics, consulting firms, real estate, etc. Recent trends have shown that even some celebrities are using chatbots to connect with their fans.

This transfer protocol feature will prove to be an essential feature to contribute to more satisfying and persuasive chat automation.