When you list on NovaLoca, all of the metrics we make available relate to queries and views of your listings; but as with many other forms of marketing, there are additional benefits to your brand that are not always easy to measure. Brand awareness plays a key role in customer behavior, especially when combined with a positive experience. Getting your brand in front of customers in as many places and as often as possible is what it takes to build a memory.

We are displaying company logos in a number of places on our site and have recently released an update to make them appear 50% larger than before.

Logos appear above properties on search results pages and on our local agent lists

screenshot of a search results page from novaloca

In full property details pages

a description of a warehouse with photo

On company profile pages

a copy of part of a NovaLoca company page

In the business directory

a copy of a portion of a NovaLoca company page sample page

And in our agent list.

a NovaLoca company directory page l

In addition, they appear on new and updated properties in email alerts to prospects.

an example of a NovaLoca email alert

Logos are also included if we mention you in a newsletter, in a blog article or on social media.

NovaLoca Twitter post with a link to a home article

If your logo needs updating or you have a higher resolution version available, please forward it to nicky@novaloca.com. It’s now also easy for us to update the logo for everyone in your company, meaning we can try out different options and make sure your branding is consistent.

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