Real estate transactions resulting from marriage and divorce cases. Up or down?

Marriage and property question

When a couple gets married, they will usually prefer to buy their own home. Of course, they may have to take care of the financial part, but if they could, they would rather stay in their own house rather than share a room in a house with strangers or even friends. Some are allowed to stay with their parents and that’s a good thing.

Keep in mind that occasionally dining with in-laws versus staying together every day can be different, yes. Oh yes, I will follow what my father-in-law did to me 19 years ago. He said, “It’s best to get married only if you have your own house…” Haha. That was why and how I bought my first home in 2003.

Divorce and property question

In the meantime, if a couple has decided that they can no longer accept the other as their life partner, a divorce takes place. When a divorce occurs, the couple usually has to find another place to stay. One party can move while the other stays in the same place.

Alternatively, both may choose to move to other places or stay in the same house for emotional reasons. Therefore, instead of one property, there can be a total of 3 transactions, one sale and two purchases. I hope, of course, that these kinds of transactions don’t go up because of divorce cases.

What happened to the number of marriages?

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What happened to the number of divorce cases?

Real estate transactions will continue to take place

In addition to marriage and divorce cases, property transactions also take place because some are buying their first home, some were lucky because their down payment was paid by their parents, some may earn a higher salary and thus upgrade and some may have just bought because they listened to some influential speakers.

Keep in mind that the last situation (listening to an influential speaker) can be dangerous if the buyer doesn’t actually understand why he bought. Real estate will always be one of the most expensive things we will ever buy in our lives. Be on the lookout and be careful. Happy buying.

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