PropTech Future hosted the final of our PropTech Startup Pitch Competition on September 14. The competition was open to all Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A startups. We received 73 submissions from around the world and the level of ingenuity and creativity of the business models was inspiring. All Pitch Decks can be viewed at

After almost 700 votes, the entries were narrowed down to the following 6 finalists:

Each of the finalists had 4 minutes to pitch to our judges, followed by 2 minutes of Q&A. The jury consisted of the following VCs and PropTech Executives:

All six companies did a great job with their pitches and at the end of the voting process there was a tie for first place between Swivel and Tensoflight. According to the rules, the deciding vote was cast by the competition sponsor: PropTech specialist branding company Together. The final vote went to Tensorflight.

The winner

Tensoflight provides global insurance industry technology that delivers structured property data by analyzing aerial, satellite and street images. It provides unique insights into commercial real estate with residential potential. They automate monotonous tasks and processes currently performed manually, speeding them up from days to seconds. This enables instant automatic quotes of insurance policies. Tensoflight provides highly accurate and near instantaneous data on global properties, as well as tools and services to supplement the data. Their tools reduce the cost of personal property inspections by more than 25% and increase the efficiency of the claims teams 10x. Learn more about the power of Tensorflight’s platform with the video below:

the finalists


The Swivel Design Experience Platform helps landlords reduce vacancy and win more deals. Through Swivel’s range of products—Interactive space showcase and Digital space planningLandlords can provide tenants with the ability to visualize and tour a commercial space before construction, then quickly plan and design the space through an immersive experience that meets the tenant’s programmatic requirements. This results in a shortened and seamless rental process that is traditionally driven by a tenant’s uncertainty about what the space will look like once built. Today, many of the largest institutional property groups and global brokers use Swivel’s advanced visualization technology on hundreds of properties in more than 25 markets to reduce the time and costs associated with renting commercial offices.

For more information visit

Zap floor

Flexible real estate grew in popularity well before the pandemic, but the need for these solutions has accelerated after the pandemic as companies are hesitant to enter into long-term leases and many companies adopt a hybrid work strategy. There are many flexible real estate operators around the world and new businesses are still being launched. Many landlords are also starting their own in-house flexible work solutions. In addition to providing the furnished space, operators must provide a tech stack to seamlessly manage the space, including billing, access, calendar integrations, reservations, reporting, and a host of other services. This is where Zapfloor comes in:

Zapfloor is a workplace management solutions provider specializing in its modular approach and strong emphasis on creating lasting partnerships through hands-on support and strategic and technical guidance.

They are genuinely involved in every project and eager to move clients forward into the Advanced World of Work™. Although Zapfloor has a modular approach, they certainly do not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service. As your trusted partner, they genuinely listen to your needs and deliver a tailored workplace management solution that fits your organization perfectly. Below is a link to their demo:

Zapfloor demo


Till is a mission-driven team that aims to change the way tenants pay, stay and thrive in their homes with access to financial services. They help residents stabilize and improve their financial lives with solutions to stay on top of rent and weather unforeseen financial circumstances. They also bring products to landlords that improve their ability to understand and work with their residents, while improving the resident’s ability to pay rent. Till creates a payment schedule tailored to your income to help you budget better and save for rent. Every payment is reported to the credit bureaus and they cover you in case of emergency.

For more information about Till, check out their website: here


DeskNow, based in Germany, offers a cloud-based SaaS platform to flexibly manage, analyze and book workspaces. Key features include location management, tenant screening, detailed workspace analysis, social distancing capabilities, a marketplace, and the ability to integrate with existing systems.

Linked here is an overview of DeskNow’s offerings.

InteliGlas Corporation

InteliGlas Corporation is an American PropTech company based in Pasadena, California. It was launched in 2018 to develop the first fully autonomous, cyber-secure, smart commercial real estate building system, equipped with a self-learning IoT platform with autopilot technology.

InteliGlas’ artificial intelligence, RipleyAI™, automatically learns, adapts, monitors and optimizes all building systems. Landlords can view and control their buildings anytime, anywhere via an internet browser. Features include real-time mitigation of tenant issues, on-demand building system health reporting, a snapshot of current energy usage, customizable building system alerts, and the ability to prioritize an appliance replacement strategy.

More information about InteliGlas Corporation: here

The event

thanks to unissu for hosting the PropTech Future Startup Pitch Competition on their platform. You can watch the recording of the entire event here: clutch


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