This week, readers visited Brick Underground to learn how some tenants returning to New York City are facing an extremely competitive rental market. A year later, they are faced with bidding wars, higher rents and fewer concessions. We have some tips if you are looking for a rental property right now.

Also interesting: More than half of tenants in New York City say they would leave the city if they could work remotely, according to a recent study by SpareRoom.

Here are this week’s top five posts:

1) A year later, tenants are ‘frantic’ to return to NYC. Their old apartments are already too expensive

2) Survey shows that more than half of NYC renters would leave if they WFH. could

3) When a pet-friendly building is not friendly at all – and how to deal with it?

4) I’ve lived in a garden floor apartment in Brooklyn Heights for almost 20 years – it’s not like living in a basement

5) What can I do about a noisy upstairs neighbor who won’t cover her floors?