When we started our Renaissance during the pandemic, we looked at everything…

We have our website products, CRM, lead generation, SEO, branding, you name it! We wanted to make a real impact and firmly claim the top spot in our market as we exited the pandemic, just as our clients want to be #1 in their local real estate markets.

One of the many things we did was a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

Strengths: This is where we think we dominate the market and do the best job in all prop tech & marketing.

  • Real Estate Websites & IDX
  • Customization / Temporary work
  • Lead Generation & SEO

Weak points: These are areas that we felt needed to be improved in order to call ourselves the best in class.

  • Accessibility (ADA)
  • Speed ​​(WPO)
  • Last Mile Support (Lead to Sale)

Opportunities: Looking at these, we don’t even have to make a new list. Both our strengths and weaknesses are our opportunities. Weaknesses must be improved, eliminated and strengths exploited.

Hazards: When we started Renaissance, of course, COVID was our biggest threat. The great unknown. But (and to our surprise) not only did the real estate market explode, but so did our business. And so, as I write this, our biggest threats are actually related to the explosive growth that the industry and therefore our business is going through. Of which:

  • Finding and Retaining Qualified Personnel
  • Keeping up with demand (especially in onboarding and customer service)
  • Large franchises that are figuring out how they can complement us with their own offer.

Where are we today:

I am super excited to announce that as of today we have made significant progress on all fronts. The Renaissance platform has been launched and it is the most beautiful, fastest and most accessible real estate website in the world. Our lead gen programs and SEO/PPC teams are performing better than ever and customers are thrilled with the results.

Finding staff and tracking demand. We have taken new steps to welcome a new VP of Product and Customer Experience and have some great hires in Account Management, Customer Experience and Manufacturing. This needs even more work. Demand continues to skyrocket due to the market conditions and the huge interest in the new platform. We probably need at least 20 more people to strengthen the team. We’re renting! 🙂

Last Mile Support: Leading to Sales

This is one of the most exciting updates to my post, as I believe that with the addition of our new REW Academy (Premium), we have addressed a major weakness in our business (and that of all marketing and lead generation players).

How can we help our customers convert their leads into sales?

A good CRM is not enough.

Why does it matter which program Realtors® use, there is a large group that is not successful? And what makes “some“Realtors® & Team Leaders So Much Better At Closing Cases From Leads?

To make sure there is a level of talent and leadership that is responsible for their success, but there is one thing we noticed that ALL top market leaders do.

They invest in themselves and their business. They hire coaches!

Take a look at each market, find the top 5 team leaders or brokers and call them. Ask them “Do you have a coach that you use regularly to improve your craft and hold you accountable? I guarantee 5 out of 5 team leaders or brokers say yes. Because coaching works!

But the best coaching in the world is expensive (and quite exclusive). Just like you, coaches must be selective in who they spend their time with, their goal is not just to generate revenue, it is to engage the “right” clients so that the relationship is mutually beneficial and they can build relationships. that turn their leads into customers for life. (And yes, one of my coaches taught me that).

And so I asked myself: If these coaches are “right now” too expensive for some of my up and coming teams and brokers or if they are just not sure if Coach A, B or C is right for them, how can we at Real Estate Webmasters help?

REW Academy Premium is the answer!

This is what we did. we reached out to the best (THE BEST) coaches we know. Guys like Jon Cheplak, AJ Hazzi, Dan Stewart and more. We said coaches, we want you to join REW Academy and help our clients with their challenges.

Our goal is to bring in people who “right now” are a perfect fit for my clients’ needs, so we can help deliver that missing piece of conversion. That last mile” support.

While these coaches cover a lot of ground, let me give you some examples from the list above:

  • Setting up the CRM with great follow-up campaigns and action plans (prospects, customers and atmosphere). Dan Stewart ALL DAY! No one is better for words that work.
  • Setting up your business for success. Hiring support staff, ISAs, transaction teams. Scripts, dialogues, all that stuff? REW has called in a huge number of killers running businesses with this, but none stand out to me more than Vantage west’s AJ Hazzi. $6 million GCI in 2020 with service-driven “team response” sounds EXACTLY where pretty much all of our lead-generating team leaders and brokers want to be.
  • Recruit, retain and make the most of exceptional agents. Build a performance-oriented culture? REW probably has more $500M+ teams and brokers than any other provider. And if you look at the roster, almost every single one of them is a current or past customer of Jon Cheplak. Coincidence? I do not think so! So we hired Jon!

Why it’s good for you (the broker or team leader)

Let’s talk about value first. This is the most important. What it can do for you. At REW Academy (Premium) you get access to ALL these coaches. You don’t have to pick just one or two based on budgets or schedule. Not only do you get access to all these coaches “live” but we also provide a full replay with accompanying support material and downloads through our custom Academy Portal.

By accessing these coaches, you’ll improve your lead on conversion rates and the happiness of your agents. I guarantee it!

Try before you buy: At REW Academy, this means two different things. First of all, we’re giving you a whole month of REW Academy (Premium) for free! No obligations. We are so confident that you will love this content and appreciate the efforts and knowledge of our coaches that you will be happy to continue after your free month. There are no long-term contracts (it’s month-to-month) and you can cancel at any time.

The other thing about trying before you buy is that it gives you the opportunity to evaluate our coaches for your organization if you are considering hiring them for private 1-1 coaching. This is a benefit to you and the coach and is a low friction, low stakes, way of deciding where to invest your larger coaching budgets.

Save up to 95%: Here’s the thing, I almost don’t want to put this here because these coaches are worth the $10k+ in billable time we book for each month, but let’s face it… It’s a GREAT DEAL! If you were to book them directly, not only would you have to coordinate them all (which we have staff for), build your own local library of past sessions (which we provide), but you’d also have to pay over $10,000 a month for these exact same sessions. We charge only $500 per month for a single user and only $5 per member for business customers who want to invite their entire organization.

REW Academy (Premium) is literally the most valuable coaching program (dollars to value) in the entire real estate industry.

It’s good for our coaches too! (And it should be)

Why would a coach want to do this instead of just signing their own coaching clients directly and charging more right away, you might ask? There are several reasons (and for you coaches reading this, I’m sure you’ll be calling us)

#1: They get paid! Most of our coaches are paid for their time (at their retail rate). Others are special referral partners and REW customers. All coaches are also eligible to participate in a referral program that generates residual income for them each month. This gives them an extra incentive to ensure that the content is of the highest quality and that customers stay subscribed forever.

#2: They get referrals: REW Academy Premium are our coaches who are paid to demonstrate their premium coaching services. This group coaching is a gateway to private 1-1 coaching and a great source of leads from our coaches. And they don’t even have to sell. They just bring value, every…, time…! And when they do, they know you’re calling.

#3: Try before you buy go in both directions. No one wants to take on a client if the relationship isn’t going to be successful. Just as you evaluate the coaches on the program, they also engage and learn about you. By letting you participate through REW Academy Premium, they know you’re familiar with their offerings, understand the level of commitment and requirements to be successful, and have had the chance to really think about what a successful engagement would look like .

Is REW Academy (Premium) right for you? Try it! It is free!

We hope that you, like our hundreds of team leaders and brokers, will find tremendous value in our coaches. Not only do we want you to benefit from running a stronger business that is more dialed in and profitable, but we also want you to have another recruiting and retention tool in your toolkit that will give you a competitive edge in your local market.

That’s it – that’s my pitch. If you are a customer, we will contact you personally to sign up for your free month. We’d love to get your feedback and what other great coaches we can add that would improve your business.