If you’ve been following our series, we’ve revisited every decade, since the beginning of C21. We’ve walked through the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and we are closing 2020 and beyond. We have achieved so much as a brand and we are celebrating our 50e, with our #ruthless affiliates continuing to defy and deliver day in and day out.

We spoke to Robert Hirsch of CENTURY 21 Downtown in Baltimore, Maryland and he began to share his feelings about the impact it has been, is and will be as a CENTURY 21 Real Estate agent. We’ll be honest. We weren’t going to talk so futuristic with Robert, but once he started sharing his thoughts about where the brand is going and what it means to him, keep reading.

Robert joined our #ruthless in 1975 and has been working at CENTURY 21 Real Estate for his entire career.

“I never thought you’d have a career that would last 45 years.”

Robert says he believes C21 has given him everything he needs to grow his business over the years and has survived even the most challenging real estate times. He says that with such a trusted name like CENTURY 21 Real Estate behind you, you are a player in the game despite the competition.

While Robert shared the things he most remembered during his career, he spoke of every intent the brand has had to stay ahead of the curve to help affiliates gain an edge in the market. From the golden blazers to one of the 1NS real estate brands to use television for advertising, he recalls a simpler time when co-founders Art Bartlett and Marsch Fisher personally attended the awards ceremonies, hosted by offices in each region.

“They were approachable. Corporate is still very approachable.”

Over the course of Robert’s 45 years in real estate, he asked a question.

“ The C21 technology immediately makes us a player. Are you brand new? You have all these resources.

Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?”

When he started out as a small office with two dozen agents, he realized he was surrounded by other real estate companies that were bigger and had been around longer. Robert says that because he worked at C21, he had all the printing, support and marketing materials he needed, which he said was equal to the dominant market share companies. He didn’t have to invent a mailing or door hanger. Robert says, this was a game-changer, and it made him a player.

Robert believes that because the brand has always worked to stay ahead with technology, it has given him an edge and that same edge will take his business to the next level.

“It is a trusted name and we are leading the way. You still need to talk to people despite things like social media and things generally going electronic. If people see C21 by your name, people will talk to you because it’s a nationally recognized name.”

Even when recruiting new agents, Robert shares his thoughts on the direction the brand is taking with the use of the latest technology.

Robert Hirsch 2020's- It's a trusted name and we're leading the way.  image 2

“C21 is leading and I push that in recruitment meetings. I tell potential recruits that we are a high-tech organization. I mean, you can access our tools, courses and technology from your bedroom. That is our culture today. It has become a selling point in how new agents can use C21 technology from where they are.”

Robert believes that as new technology emerges, CENTURY 21 Real Estate will continue to lead the industry. By keeping a close eye on the latest developments and making them available to affiliates to access them wherever they are, according to Robert, the leverage that makes CENTURY 21 Real Estate the brand that will take your business to the next decade and beyond. #OurBrandofRelentless