Recently, I gave a lecture on Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO at the Ohio Association of Realtors.

During my talk, I discussed how companies like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor (dot)com have convinced the entire real estate world that search engine optimization for real estate is impossible.

Don’t even try! (They say).

Just pay us for the leads as we are the only companies that can rank because we have so much authority in the search engines. You can never win!

And it worked! Right now, most brokers, teams, and agents don’t consider SEO because they think it’s too difficult, too expensive, and they feel like they’re not benefiting from their efforts.

And they are wrong! In fact, because so many people have given up on it, real estate SEO in 2021 is actually easier than it has been in quite some time. Most people have switched to buying their leads from Zillow or are focused on social media to gain traction there.

This is your chance! And you should start with “long-tail searches”

What is a long tail real estate search?

A long-tailed search refers to a search that doesn’t have a lot of traffic (it’s at the end of the traffic curve).

These searches are generally extremely specific (and thus very well targeted) and because they are so well targeted, getting traffic from even a few searches can lead to extremely good leads and expensive deals.

Take my wife’s site for example On her site, we focus specifically on “Waterfront Homes on Vancouver IslandSo we’re also targeting these types of properties for our SEO campaign.

Now there isn’t much traffic (per phrase) for each of the terms we target, BUT one lead could end up being a great opportunity (in fact, this month we handed over the keys to another waterfront home for $1.2 million), and that lead came from SEO!

But here’s the thing about long-tail searches:

While there may only be a limited amount of traffic per search term, if you craft your content correctly and SEO, you can generate literally thousands of terms, all of which get a few visits per week. That’s thousands of visits a week! And they are all targeted!

Do not believe me? Check out these rankings and last week’s clicks. (Btw, we’re already on the first page and we’ve only been on SEO for 3 months)

Do you notice anything special?

See how many words there are. There are 134 different keywords!

And this is ONLY 1 week of traffic AND only sentences with the word “waterfront”. This page alone generates literally thousands of different stages and it helped us close a lot of commission.

So if you thought SEO is dead, think again!

SEO is a great source of traffic (especially if you have a high authority domain) and 2021 is a great year for brokers and brokers to consider getting back into the game. You may want to start with long tail 🙂

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