The Streamlabs chatbot is a great addition to your Twitch, YouTube or Mixer channels that will help you connect with your audience in an instant. Chatbots are pieces of software that use artificial intelligence to enable the computer to have a conversation through oral or written means. They are often used in dialogue systems for various functions, such as customer service or information gathering. Conversational commerce (e-commerce via chat), analytics, customer service, developer, education, tools, finance, gaming, marketing, news, travel and many more applications can be categorized.

This article provides information about streamlabs chatbot: elements and features, benefits, common commands, how to set and define the goals of streamlabs chatbot.

You need to register a new account to set up the bot. You’ll need to create and approve a token once you’ve linked your ‘bot’ account to your Switch or YouTube streamer account. It will connect the two. You can then add a moderator or editor to your channel or game who can access and add all of your instructions. In the chat you can make ‘commands’.

What is the Streamlabs Chatbot?

Chatbot from Streamlabs is a live streaming tool that helps you connect with your consumers. It is a YouTube, Twitch or Mixer specific program. While you’re streaming, these provide entertainment and moderation options. It allows you to interact with your audience while playing games or downloading information.

Several companies use chatbots on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, We Chat, Slack, and others. They are used for customer support, marketing, sales and internal services such as human resources. Chatbots can be created just like any other program by following the same design, build, analysis, and debug steps.

Elements and functions

Dashboard, commands, timers, quotes, various quotes, counter, giveaway, sound files, cash, betting, poll, mini games, heist, events, song requests and more are among its features. The Discord tab allows you to enable certain features, such as timers, to work. It assigns everyone a position and warns them when the streamer has gone live. You can change where and how commands can be used on the Usage tab. Whether it’s conversations, whispers, or disagreements, it’s all there. (Also read: Features and Benefits of Streamlabs Chatbot)

Benefits of using Streamlabs Chatbot

Benefits of using Streamlabs Chatbot

There are several benefits to using the Streamlabs chatbot for streamers and the streaming community. The ability to use custom emoticons in chat rooms, the ability to generate a regular source of money, and the ability to build chat rooms exclusively for members are among the most essential.

Content creators and broadcasters can organize tailor-made tournaments and in this way offer special incentives to their dedicated audience. In a broader sense, chatbots can respond to messages, deliver money to individuals and schedule business meetings, reducing much of the company’s overhead costs.

Chatbots are becoming increasingly important to businesses as a cost-effective alternative to human labor. They can handle repetitive tasks and handle multiple requests at once, and in some situations they can outperform humans. According to a new study, companies are embracing chatbots for productivity, curiosity, entertainment, and social and relational aspects. Chatbots help improve customer service, speed up the purchase process, customize communication, and automate recurring tasks.

General commands

Streamlabs Chatbot Common Commands

The instructions of the Twitch API are slightly different. It simply mimics the Twitch chat API requests. Optional features allow you to personalize your query results related to each command, especially the commands. These can be used for time zone precision, tracking count, tracking dates, and directions, such as ascending to descending or vice versa. Game specific commands and API commands are examples of other commands. Timers, games, currencies, minigames, polls, events, scripts and many other commands are available in Streamlabs. Users can also write custom commands to improve the overall experience of the app.

Following are some of the most commonly used and common quick launch commands:

  • BTTV emotions
  • Uptime
  • shoutouts
  • Statistics
  • Hosting
  • Time
  • Retweets
  • Date
  • Top 5 points
  • create an account
  • Top 5 hours
  • Number of followers, date of followers and length of followers
  • Ability to give points
  • Current and next song with details

You’ll need to create a separate Streamer account on YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer to get started. After that, you need to register a Bot account before generating an authorization token in your streamer account. This allows you to combine the two. To use the Streamlabs extension, you must first connect to your account and generate a token. Once the token is produced, copy it before sending it back to your bot.

For Twitch bot and Streamlabs extension, the procedure is usually the same. The bot creates text files that can automatically display information about the stream. The bot installation folder contains these files.

Set up Streamlabs Chatbot

Set up Streamlabs Chatbot

Let’s talk about setting up the Streamlabs Chatbots now that we’ve covered the primary functionality and components. Streamlabs Chatbots can be connected to Twitch, YouTube and Mixer, as we pointed out earlier in the post. Each platform has a different approach to integrating the chatbot, which we have described below.

Streamlabs Using Chatbot with Twitch

Step 1: Log in to the Twitch account first. Then create a new account for your chatbot and log in to it as well.

Step 2: Go to the Connection tab in your Streamlabs account. It’s in the bottom left corner of the screen. Open the Connection Windows by clicking on it, then look for the Streamlabs button and click on it.

Step 3: Select “Generate Token” from the drop-down menu. To authorize, go to the authorization page and click ‘approve’.

Step 4: Select the Connect option.

Step 5 is the last step on the checklist. Enable the Show Chatbot tab on the donation page in Settings > General.

Streamlabs Using Chatbot with YouTube

Step 1: Visit YouTube.

Step 2: Create a bot account.

Step 3: Log in to your other account.

Step 4: Navigate to the Streamlabs Chatbot menu.

Step 5: Select the Connection tab at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 6: Go to the bottom of the page and click on Streaming Services.

Step 7: A box with a drop-down arrow will appear below the gray text for streaming services. Select YouTube by clicking the arrow.

Step8. Press the big green-blue restart button. “Are you sure you want to change streaming services and restart?” a popup will ask. Yes, it must be selected.

Step9. Return to the connection tab when the Streamlabs program has restarted. Link your YouTube account by clicking the YouTube Streamer. Also link the YouTube bot account.

That concludes our discussion. You have successfully linked your YouTube account to the Streamlabs Chatbots.

Using Streamlabs Chatbot with Mixer

Step 1: Create a new account for your bot on

Step 2: Create two accounts (one for your bot and one for yourself).

Step 3: Go to the bottom left corner of the screen and open the Connection window.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Streaming Services section.

Step 5. Select Mixer from the drop-down list.

Step 6: Press the big Reset button and choose Yes.

Step7. Go to Mixer Streamer and click on Generate Token option when the software has restarted.

Step 8: Log into your Mixer account and select the Connect option. Make sure you are not using your Mixer bot account to login.

Step9. Finally, return to the Mixer Bot area and repeat the process (this time sign in with your Bot account and select the Blue-Green Connect button).

You have successfully connected your Mixer to your Streamlabs Chatbot.

Defining Streamlabs Chatbot Goals

Defining Streamlabs Chatbot Goals

Think about what you want to achieve when setting up or deploying a chatbot for your business. What exactly do you want your chatbot to do and what are its primary goals? Determine your goals. Think about how you want to deal with your customers. This can be done via your website, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other messaging service.

Select a creation method. It could involve using a ready-made chatbot or creating one from scratch. Before creating a database of answers, consider the algorithm of the chatbot’s activities and test the chatbot’s performance.

One of the benefits of building a bot from the ground up is that it is fully compatible with your requirements, you have full control over all the data it gets and you can make changes.

The final verdict

Chatbots already help us in almost every aspect of our lives, and streaming is one of the areas where they excel. Streamlabs is a chatbot solution that allows you to create highly customized chatbots to make live broadcasts more accessible and engaging. The beauty of this chatbot is that you can create it from scratch and customize it to have exactly the functionality you want.

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