It’s the same Recap Sunday, but with a shorter name!

I started these summaries in November 2009. Those 456 summaries. As we enter 2022, I thought it would be a good idea to number these summaries, rather than trying to pick a theme for the title.

As you know, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is slow. (So ​​slow we sometimes forget what day of the week it is!) But there were a few gems this week that I wanted to draw your attention to.


Why your belief system is the most important factor for success | Addicted2Success

“If you fail in an area of ​​your life, chances are it’s because of the barriers you’ve put on your mind regarding the area of ​​your life in question.” – Filiz Behaettin

Read the full article with advice on how to reprogram your thinking.


Employees: stimulate your own career development | HR bartender

“I think we will see a higher level of employee-driven career development. Learning doesn’t stop when you work from home.” – Sharlyn Lauby

Find new ways to look at your career growth and development. This will help.


Positive vibes for the new year! |

“In 2022 and beyond, the best recruiting tools you have are humanity, caring, empathy, and connecting people with options.” – Greg Hawkes

I hope this becomes the new mantra for recruiters and organizations!

7 ways HR will look different in 2022 |FastCompany

The field of HR has been in the spotlight during the pandemic, and for good reason. What’s next? Lars Schmidt shares his thoughts.


22 Job Search Trends and Forecasts for 2022

Smart and in-the-know career practitioners chime in with their thoughts for 2022.