I see more and more people expanding their definition of success to include work-life balance. Many move beyond the dualistic thinking of work versus life and get caught up in the juggling and struggling that this type of thinking entails. Rather, I see REAL, LASTING, SUSTAINABLE success with my clients taking a more unified approach. They see that they are best at work when they are fulfilled and happy, including in their personal lives.

To help you experience this kind of comprehensive success, this episode features a career tip for creating work-life balance and a special guest on self-care – Personal Trainer Michele Gresh from G-Fit. Michele is refreshingly transparent about her work and living situation. She is 43 and got into the personal fitness industry later in life – not for the ego and the perfect body – but because she needed it for herself. Now she is happier than ever and has a growing following.

Also included is my Christmas gift guide with unique and inspiring ideas to motivate those on your list to enjoy life every day. Check it out here and get gift ideas.

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