A top-notch real estate agent in California is a useful ally. California is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States, and for good reason. California is home to one of the largest entertainment industries, restaurants and food, construction, education, internet publishing, broadcasting and more!

While home ownership in California is 54.8%, there are about 422,496 licensees in the state. The hardest part is determining which real estate agent to hire to buy or sell a home.

It should be noted that a top real estate agent has certain skills and certain qualities that set them apart from the less than qualified agents out there.

For starters, agents know the ins and outs of their trade and are professional negotiators. They are the link between you and your interested buyers, or the person you want to buy from.

A top California real estate agent is your greatest strength when buying or selling a home in California. They stay on top of all their duties including: phone calls, personal and online marketing, handling legal documents and rough negotiations.

What qualities make a great real estate agent in California?

When you browse the best brokers, you should compare these properties in your list of potential brokers. Here are some of the top California real estate agents to look out for before hiring!

Professional in every situation: A real estate agent in California always remains professional in handling negotiations, communicating with clients and in their marketing. A professional California cop takes the time to dot the i’s and cross their T so to speak. In other words, they are detail oriented and never want you to feel like you are working with a beginner.

Great communicator: A top broker is your go-to for all your questions or concerns. They respond quickly to your text messages, emails and phone calls. They are never too busy to talk to you.

Meets you: A great real estate agent in California takes the time to get to know their client. They discuss the client’s goals and concerns when it comes to buying or selling a home. They make you feel comfortable working with them rather than being intimidated. A good real estate agent will never make you feel like you are “just another bargain”.

Stay on top of market trends: A professional broker knows what they are talking about. They closely follow trends within the real estate market. California real estate agents are versed in the good and the bad when it comes to buying and selling in the state. They remain a source of knowledge and know when is the best time to make a decision.

Data broker in California

When interviewing your selection of California brokers, you should look for the qualities listed above. You can usually tell they have these qualities by talking to them at length or reading their reviews online.

When you browse the best real estate agents in California, you will: must cross reference these numbers between your choices:

Number of successful sales: The more homes a broker has sold, the more credibility he has. With such a competitive market, it can be difficult as a broker to strike a deal that the buyer and seller can both agree on. Seeing a higher number of closed sales means they are master negotiators. They are aware of trends and, most importantly, they have experience.

Certifications and Awards for Realtors: Look out for the types of certifications and awards this broker has on their various social media profiles or real estate listing.

Years of experience: This should be pretty obvious, you want to pick an agent who has been in the area. Research how long they have been a licensed agent and compare it to their success rate.

Education/Degrees: Most agents have their list of educational degrees on their Linkedin profile, their Facebook page and on their FastExpert profile!

Amount of time their customers spent in the market at home: Having access to this information can give you a good idea of ​​how long you might be working with this particular agent. Most home listing websites keep sold homes available for viewing. You can see when the home profile was listed and when it was marked as sold.

Their online presence / how they market themselves: A simple search. Google the agent’s name and see what comes up! Scan their FastExpert profile, their Facebook page, their website, the brokerage they work for and anything else you can find!

How their customers rated them:You can find agent reviews on sites like FastExpert to see what their client thought of their work. The more five star ratings the better. However, we feel that four-star ratings could be a bit more honest and thoughtful.

It comes down to

When you research and cross reference the following, you should be in good shape to find a real estate agent in California. One that will work for your specific needs in the buying or selling process. These qualities make a great real estate agent in California!