Although real estate in India was digitized years ago, the Coronavirus pandemic acted as a catalyst and gave it a real boost so that most real estate players whether developers, brokers, individual home sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords are all opting for online tours to get a deal. Read on to understand the benefits of digitization in the Indian real estate sector and the road ahead for this modern phenomenon.

Thanks to digital advancements, a virtual tour is quickly becoming popular, especially in the COVID hit times when people are not so excited to physically visit the place. A virtual tour in such a scenario is best for the purpose, as it provides a three-dimensional, 360-degree walkthrough, revealing every bit of the property to the viewer.

These tours can be anything from a short clip of the house or even a live video call via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Google, familiarizing the clients with both the project and the environment.

Online platforms and websites also provide complete information about the project, such as the building, apartment and floor plan. The developers also use the technology to contact potential buyers, owners and tenants.

It is true that virtual house hunting offers many advantages and will grow in the time to come. However, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by treating it as a means of familiarizing yourself with the project and not answering a phone call until after you have physically visited the property.

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