Do you find yourself having ‘two thoughts’ about what to do with your life or career? Do you have inspired ideas one day and find yourself poking holes the next? Does your heart long for a career move, but your brain thinks it’s a bad idea? Do you feel stuck or indecisive? These could be the signs of a career block.

What is a career block?

We have different parts of our personality (head and heart) and when these parts are in conflict or not working together, they can keep us from moving forward. For example, when people are going through changes, they are often ready to move on, but hold back and fear at the same time.

If you’ve noticed a block, fear, or problem coming up and it seems like two parts of you aren’t working together, the Voice Dialogue exercise can help.

Speech Dialog:

The Voice Dialogue process was part of my original coaching certification. The instructor then told us, “customers will thank you for this.” She was right! The Voice Dialogue is an exercise I’ve done with almost everyone I’ve worked with since launching my coaching practice in 2002 and they’ve all thanked me. Why? Because it’s exhausting to have two minds about how to move forward in your career, and doing this exercise releases that energy that you can use to move you forward.

How it works:

  • In Voice Dialogue we enter into a dialogue with different parts/aspects/feelings to help you break through your blockage. You set a goal for what you want to achieve by doing this process – examples: overcoming the block, understanding, stopping the conflict, moving forward, etc. We will then clarify the block and identify two (or more) parts that are not working together.
  • Then, as a facilitator, I take you through a series of thought-provoking questions to give each part a voice and work with the 2 parts to see what they need from each other to work together.
  • I then summarize the whole session and play back the dialogue for each voice and what they need and want to give each other. We end with a visualization exercise where we use symbols to represent the parts to help integrate them.

Some clients experience an immediate sense of resolution, while for others the exercise is like a time-release capsule and resolution occurs over time. But everyone thanks me for the Voice Dialogue because they no longer feel stuck in an endless negative inner dialogue! Contact me to tell me what’s holding you back from taking action to achieve your career goals. If you feel stuck, maybe it’s a career block that’s holding you back. Voice Dialogue can help!

“Stand up against your obstacles and do something about it. You’ll find that they don’t have half the power you think you have.” – Norman Vincent