Brands are now able to better understand their customers’ behavior and needs, thanks to modern technology tools. AI and Big Data, mobile and wearable technologies, IoT platforms and analytics are technologies that have enhanced the customer experience and undoubtedly changed the way companies interact with customers.

In today’s digital environment, chatbots and virtual assistants are causing a stir. From retail to healthcare to e-commerce and restaurants, chatbots are making their way. The one constant in the restaurant realm is change, and yes, technology has changed it a lot in recent years.

A craze may pass, but a seismic shift is likely to last longer. Certainly, AI chatbots belong to this latter category. These systems are intended to support customer service workflows and automation processes. Chatbots are the latest marketing trend, so you should know them if you haven’t been living under a rock.

Significantly, in the restaurant industry, chatbots streamline a plethora of tasks. Many restaurants and even food delivery companies use chatbots for customer service, sharing information between team members, and sales-related tasks. Yes, bots will be in the near future.

Today we discuss chatbots and their growing importance in the restaurant industry. Next, we’ll look at how restaurants can use bots to improve customer service and automate repetitive tasks. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at recent chatbot stats.

Chatbot: fascinating statistics

future use of chatbot

Source: Digital Marketing Community

Due to the pandemic, digitization raged across industries, departments and organizations in 2020. The automation of conversations has become a self-perpetuating phenomenon. As a result, the chatbot industry is booming.

That’s why we’ve researched the latest market trends and statistics to provide a holistic view of the chatbot market in 2021. Let’s get started!

According to Gartner, “In the coming years, more and more brands will be willing to invest in artificial intelligence (AI), and they have also predicted that chatbots and virtual assistants will 47% of companies for customer service.

Before the invention of chatbots, companies communicated with customers via social media or emails, but now AI has revamped it, allowing brands to talk directly to customers anytime, anywhere. In addition, companies can save a huge amount of money by investing in chatbots, because they do not charge a salary and do not get tired more often.

Chatbots have evolved beyond simple user-based searches and will use more advanced and real-time analytics.

Key chatbot stats

chatbot-in-service sector

Source: Salesforce

Take a look at the research-based stats so that you realize that having a chatbot for restaurant businesses or other businesses will give you some huge benefits. Dive into the stats below.

  • Business Insider predicted that the market size of chatbots will soon reach the $9 billion mark, rising at a CAGR of 29%.
  • According to outgrow, an average of 81% of companies think about implementing chatbots in their business.
  • Facebook Messenger bots are the most popular, as there are more than 300,000 companies use them.
  • Retail, healthcare, travel, restaurants and e-commerce are the most popular sectors to benefit from chatbots.
  • Research conducted by Invescro revealed that any company can save 30% of customer support costs by using chatbots.

A plethora of tasks can be automated by businesses and consumers using chatbots. Automation will gain momentum as technology advances, especially in dealing with chatbots. Your customer experience will be greatly improved if you understand the needs of your business and implement bots correctly.

This was the general overview of chatbots and their statistics. Now let’s focus on how a chatbot is making a remarkable impact on the restaurant industry and enabling managers to fill the empty tables quickly. Let’s start.

What chatbots offer restaurants

The restaurant sector is perfectly suited to chatbots. They discover that restaurant chatbots offer numerous benefits and encourage their business owners to implement them. A recent study estimates that some of the popular messaging apps will surpass 1000 million monthly active users by 2021. Chatbots seem to have caught the attention of all the major restaurants and food delivery apps.

best messaging apps

Source: Statesman

Essentially, it’s a messaging app that helps customers have a great ordering experience, increase business opportunities, interact with and retain customers.

Chatbots in the restaurant industry are new to customer service and are quickly becoming indispensable to restaurant brands. These bots not only help diners but also understand customer needs and guide them accordingly. Therefore, use bots in a delivery platform offers countless benefits because it makes it easy and quick for customers to ask a bot a simple question about the direction, the menu or what the opening and closing times are.

Today, chat is the most preferred way for people to communicate with each other, so it’s the best option for restaurants to ensure they are available for chats around the clock. Below are some key points that explain how chatbots help the restaurant industry to succeed.

  • Chat is the most preferred form of online communication
  • Chatbots respond quickly
  • Chatbot automates normal questions and transfers complex issues to managers
  • Saves operational costs
  • Chatbots can gain insights and collect customer data
  • conversation chatbot boost marketing and sales
  • Helping customers without getting frustrated

Therefore, the restaurant industry should take advantage of conversational chatbots not only for fast and smooth customer support, but also for a smooth online ordering process and better customer service. Restaurants need to include chatbots on websites, applications and social media platforms to generate new business opportunities.

Not taking advantage of the new trend in restaurant chatbots

The restaurant industry is the most competitive industry and it has become a challenge for restaurant managers to entice diners and grab attention. And why not, because customers have many choices when it comes to choosing the best as more than 10,000 new restaurants opens annually in the US and competition is fierce.

As a restaurant owner, you have to implement all possible tricks and techniques that will help you get more and more diners and online orders. Indeed, cashing in on the evolving restaurant industry seems difficult, but you have to keep up with current trends to survive.

However, there is one tool that can help you streamline customer-related activities and save a lot of money: a restaurant chatbot. Wondering what chatbots can do for your restaurant? Please be patient; we will explain the usefulness of chatbots in the restaurant business.

Bots are where the customers are

There is no need to spend large amounts of your budget on different marketing channels. Your marketing drive becomes clearer when you use chatbots. No need to spend thousands of dollars developing mobile apps and then pay to promote them to customers and make them available in app stores. Social messaging apps are already equipped with chatbots.

Plus, you can install chatbots within your existing restaurant website and mobile apps. Chatbots can efficiently automate a variety of manual tasks, from taking online orders to helping customers send menus and asking about delivery options.

Helping customers without getting frustrated

No matter how trained your customer service team is, they need to sleep. It is not affordable for most restaurants to have 24/7 live chat support. However, a Facebook chatbot is accessible 24/7 and solves customer queries.

Bots are not allowed to replace human agents, however answering frequently asked questions is one of their best uses. It is believed that a well-developed chatbot can handle it 80% of regular questions.

For example, a diner has a question about your restaurant website and no live agent is available to chat. In this case, they can choose other restaurants, but a chatbot that can answer your customer’s questions can prevent that diner from going elsewhere.

Answer frequently asked questions

The main motive behind integrating chatbots into your restaurant business is to free up managers and let them focus on other complex restaurant issues. Some restaurant chatbots have been developed using machine learning capabilities. These chatbots can answer the most common questions and make automated decisions based on customer questions.

Use your restaurant chatbot to answer some common frequently asked questions, such as:

  • Restaurant opening hours
  • Location of your restaurant
  • How to place online orders or make a reservation

restaurant chatbot example

Source: Facebook

Take the example of Sencha Sushi and Grill. The Facebook Messenger chatbot gives you an extensive range of questions to ask, answers immediately and also sends you promotional offers.

Reach new guests by promoting deals and offers

Nowadays it is difficult to get new customers. Restaurant chatbots can access your email list and encourage your current customers with new deals and offers. It would also generate a lot of repeat customers using your social media accounts and even your website.

With automatic deals and offers, restaurants can identify and entice regular customers through chatbots. Machine learning allows it to send notifications via email or SMS.

Case Study: Domino’s Chatbot

chatbot in dominos

Source: Chatbotguide

If a pizza company with $400 million in revenue and $1.3 billion in net worth doesn’t look to the competition for business tips, how is it supposed to learn from them? Yes.

Domino’s realized that the best way to beat the competition was to use the channel people already use: instant messages. 89% of the world’s population has access to messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, which are used an average of 23 times per day, as these messaging apps are low-friction channels to interact with customers.

Using chatbot technology, Domino’s expanded its pizza ordering service to voice services like Amazon Echo, allowing customers to order pizza directly from their phones.

It turned out that this information allowed the chatbot to “know” the customer’s preferences and details before asking, eliminating the need for the customer to ask for things like a home address or payment information. A customer can also order their favorite pizza by simply sending the chatbot a pizza emoji to save it to their profile.

Discover the best business opportunities for your restaurant

Chatbots have gone mainstream need of the hour and cover a huge spectrum of industries. Moving on, automation in restaurants will strengthen its roots and overcome all the challenges food business owners currently face. In a nutshell, the use of chatbots in the restaurant industry is still fancy, but the evolution will benefit both restaurants and their customers.