Windermere’s western US offices have remained committed to serving their communities in 2021, raising nearly $1.5 million this year alone, bringing the total amount the foundation has raised since 1989 to nearly $45 million. After a successful Community Service Day in June and a first half of the year that saw raised over $1 million, the Windermere offices have given something back this summer. Here are some recent highlights from across our network.

Windermere, Utah

Windermere, Utah has always been deeply rooted in its community, and 2021 has been no different. This year alone, they have organized multiple fundraisers and supported several organizations to bring about positive change in their communities.

One of the biggest challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has posed for schoolchildren is access to technology. After looking for a way to provide digital access to local school children, Windermere Utah came across the organization Spy Hop, based in Salt Lake City. Spy Hop is a digital media arts center that offers film, music, audio, and design classes to students ages nine to 19. They provide mentoring and host technology drives to deliver computers to students in need through a program called the Technology Liberation Project. Windermere Utah donated $3,000 to support Spy Hop’s programs and sponsored their technology commitment in August.

The office also came together to support Lincoln Elementary School. As a Title I school, they cannot ask for supplies or funds, which often makes them underfunded compared to other schools in the area. Windermere Utah donated $1,000 for children to buy the supplies they need for the school year.

From left to right: Misty Medina, Laurann Turner, Lincoln Elementary Rep, Shawnee Cooper, Lincoln Elementary Rep, Michelle Adkins, Chelle Preslar, Kelly Silvestor, and Stephanie Vera

Windermere Evergreen – Evergreen, CO

Windermere Evergreen has close ties with the local Ready for rotating wildfire program and given the prevalence of wildfires in the western US in recent years, the office was inspired to tap their Foundation resources to support local wildfire relief efforts. John Putt, managing broker at Windermere Evergreen, is a member of the Rotary Wildfire Ready Leadership Council. A former paramedic and firefighter, he is passionate about providing resources and education to mountain communities regarding forest fire preparedness. After trying to think of ways to support the program, they chose a classic method of bringing the community together: an old-fashioned tailgate party. The office donated $1,000 to support the Rotary Wildfire Ready program, and the first annual Windermere Foundation Tailgate Party gathered community members from all over the city.

The Evergreen, Colorado Rotary Wildfire Ready Fire Engine.

The Evergreen, Colorado Rotary Wildfire Ready Fire Engine.

Windermere Spokane – Spokane, WA

After hosting a blood collection earlier this year, Windermere Spokane has continued to find ways to provide for the needy in their communities. In early September, they turned their attention to Spokane’s childhood. When they saw the Spokane Branch of Volunteers of America announce that they were planning their Zebra crossing Youth shelter across town to a new facility, the office jumped at the opportunity to help. Windermere Spokane held a matching fundraiser that eventually raised more than $21,000 for the new shelter. But the agency’s recent foundation efforts didn’t stop there.

In preparation for the new school year, the office held their Spokane Sock and Shoe Event to support local low-income and homeless elementary school children with new pairs of shoes and socks. This year, the event provided new shoes and socks for 116 children.

Two women in masks take a selfie during a clothing drive for local schoolchildren.

From left to right: Windermere agents Blythe Thimsen and Brenda McKinley

A woman in a mask holds up a pair of socks during a clothing fundraiser for local school children.

Windermere agent Brenda McKinley

Kritsonis Lindor Team – Windermere Bellevue South – Bellevue, WA

Windermere agents John Kritsonis and Karl Lindor of East Kritsonis are strong supporters of the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank in recent years, but the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that the IFCB needed their support more than ever. After food insecurity for children in their county rose 54% in 2020, John and Karl knew they had to go all-in for their community. They doubled their fundraising campaign with a $25,000 match, eventually raising $55,958. On August 20, their team spent the day volunteering at the food bank, assembling bags of produce and distributing groceries to families. In total, they were able to do their shopping for more than 120 families and more than 350 children. Their donations will support IFCB’s summer lunch program, which feeds approximately 300 children each week during the summer.

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