What is a listing agent?

In general, a real estate transaction involves a broker who represents the seller and a buyer’s agent represent the buyer. Listing agents will Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)– which uses recent housing market data to compare the seller’s home with other listings in their area – to accurately price the property. The real estate agent lists the home, coordinates viewings and open houses, and negotiates with real estate agents to find the best offer for their client. Once the transaction is complete, the listing agent and buyer’s agent will: split the commission from the sale.

Hiring a listing agent removes the risks of selling your own home by putting the sales process in the hands of an experienced qualified professional. Once you have found the right broker, you can work together to shape your sales strategy.

Accurately price your home

Your listing agent begins the sales process by: finding the value of your home. There are various factors that influence house prices, including seasonality, market conditions, housing characteristics, and more. Real estate agents have exclusive access to the data behind these trends, enabling them to conduct a thorough CMA to accurately price your home. Of all costly mistakes in the sales process, an inaccurately priced home is perhaps the most drastic. An overpriced house will attract the wrong buyers, extend the number of days on the market for your home, and can lead to serious post-sale complications, which in some cases can jeopardize the sale. An overpriced house leaves money on the table. With a real estate agent’s CMA, you can rest assured that your home’s price is backed by current market data, preparing you and your real estate agent for successful negotiations.

Marketing your home

Listing agents are experienced professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge on how to market your home. Your real estate agent will list your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), an online database to which they have exclusive access. Listing your home on the MLS will greatly increase its awareness among interested buyers. Your listing agent coordinates viewings and open houses, opening the door to conversations with buyers and their agents.

Your agent will also make recommendations and help coordinate all marketing efforts, such as staging and photography. They can also advise you on any repairs that need to be done before going live. Their expertise will streamline the sales process, getting your home ready and on the market quickly.

Offers / Negotiations / Closing

The complexity of the critical stages in the sales process emphasizes the value of a broker’s expertise. A listing agent will work on your behalf to handle and review incoming offers, communicate with buyers and their agents during negotiations, and ultimately guide the deal through closing.

Local market conditions can often dictate how your agent approaches offers and negotiations. In a seller’s market, chances are you will get multiple competing offers on the table, often waived unforeseen circumstances and cash offers can originate. It can be overwhelming to find the best offer in these competitive situations, but listing agents specialize in understanding the terms of these types of offers to find the offer that best fits your goals. If you sell in a buyers market, the buyer will have the leverage. Your listing agent will work with the buyer’s agent to agree on the buyer’s contingencies and finalize the purchase terms.

From listing to closing, your listing agent is there to answer all your questions, allay your fears and guide you to a successful sale. When looking for an agent, keep in mind that their ability to connect with you on a human level is just as important as their professional qualities. Selling your home can be an emotional rollercoaster and you want someone by your side you can trust on the journey ahead. If you want help connecting to an agent, get started here: